Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), Apollo 15, 1971, Parking Meter, 10 cents, 2 hours


Note: Three LRVs from Apollo 15, 16, and 17 (1971 and 1972) remain on the moon. Who’s feeding the meter?


Windshield Wiper for iPad

If it’s already on the market, please don’t tell me.  Something Ann said over the phone this evening made me think of the concept, but I can’t remember what.  As I sketched it, I thought of my father and how he would routinely save a half a meatball in order to sop up the remaining spaghetti sauce on his plate. Invariably, as Spring follows Winter, one drop of spaghetti sauce would land on his tie or shirt.  If he were still with us, he’d probably need one of these:


Cottonwood Bark

Now that I have some space, i.e., a garage and a patio area, to kick up some dust, I’ve started putzing around.

Two cottonwood bark carvings I did in 2013.
IMG_1503 Slide1 - Version 2

Pencil Theme?

There’s definitely a pencil theme here. I plan to do many more of all sizes.  Some sketches from way way back: 

5940_1216411088826_1185323014_30685178_247134_n 5940_1216410168803_1185323014_30685174_4004726_n

photo 5940_1216412648865_1185323014_30685180_2194566_n