I want to know what it’s like to be a pencil…to think like one…to feel like one…to embrace my inner pencil…to experience pencilhood.


A Tool for Unzipping Both the Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Meaning at

I’m bookmarking this tool for my own benefit so that I can whip it out before I click on Publish from now on.

Yesterday’s post, i.e., the previous post, two guys looking through a telescope, more precisely, my commentary on that illustration, elicited a couple of useful comments that have served and will continue to serve as an important reminder for me to scrutinize how I write about what I draw much more carefully. The drawing said one thing; unfortunately, my commentary said something else; evidently, it said the complete opposite. And why? Because I hadn’t unzipped for myself either the paradigmatic or syntagmatic significance of what I meant to say, and instead I simply and quickly wrote something that I thought was funny. Not so.

I did go back revise the title of the post by inserting a reference to optical delusion. Too little, too late.

I’ll keep this heuristic tool, i.e., the quadrazipper, handy.


Creationism Vs Evolution Debate: An Optical Illusion or Delusion?

We try not to take sides here at because there are so many sides to take. It’s complicated. We have discovered that once in a while two or more sides can be taken at the same time either because of the structure of the inquiry, or because it’s just funny, or both.


Working with Wood While I Wait

While I was waiting for a call back from Apple Support on a GarageBand issue, which involved my laptop being out of commission and in the safe mode, a topic for a forthcoming illustration I can imagine, I had time to doodle. I’d like to thank my model for being so patient.


Gabriel García Márquez (on Poverty)

6 March 1927 – 17 April 2014

How lucky I was to read Cien Años de Soledad in Spanish under the direction of Professor Antonio Serna at Ohio University in 1980! When I learned of his passing, I had to refresh my memory and update my understanding of Gabriel García Márquez. I hadn’t ever seen this quote on poverty.


Another Look at 17th Street Public House in Merced, CA

Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike down to the 17th Street Public House and had two beers, a Payback Porter by Speakeasy Ales & Lagers and a Belgian Style Double IPA Homework Series Batch No. 2. from Ballast Point (I think, at least that’s what the sticky note said). Delicious and potent both!

On the way out I took an iPhone photo of the exterior and rendered this rough drawing in Paper 53 from it earlier today in two sittings.

[Note: Due to technical difficulties, I’ve deleted and reposted this. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.]