Penciling Technology

Painting this pencil has challenged the entire crew at There’s know-how, and it’s certainly a capital asset in this business; but at this morning’s staff meeting the technicians emphasized do-how and it’s practical significance. The paint isn’t drying for some reason, and production is suspended until we find a solution.

penciling technology

The DMV driver handbook be like…

…I don’t care who you voted for or how big you think government should or shouldn’t be, put down that beer and listen up! You wanna run your car on my roads, then you play by my rules (See pp. ix to 99). Now go put these plates on the front and back your your car. We’ll see you in a couple of years – if not sooner – to find out how things are goin.



So, yea, I put the new plates on today.

Aroma Therapy & Another Pencil

Last year a buddy of mine gave me some wood to carve. I’m halfway through the cottonwood bark, and just today I started messing with a piece of cedar. It’s a work in progress…as illustrated:

Fragrant Cedar

Yes, it’s a boy, a baby pencil boy.

Another Tap Handle

I started this drawing last night while sipping the featured subject but got carried away with a conversation at the bar. Two pints later and it was time to go. So I finished it off this morning with the help of a photo and plenty of dramatic license, as usual. Besides the beers, the woodwork itself at the 17th Street Public House is eye catching.