Let’s Shake on It ® – and Work Together from There

Are you sick and tired of initiatives, projects, programs, and assignments that go nowhere simply because of someone’s inability or unwillingness to get along with others even when the others are on the same team? Now with Let’s Shake on It ® you can finally single out individual team players who possess both the skills and the motivation to collaborate.

Simply attach the adhesive sensor to the palm of your right hand, make sure the jack is plugged in, the cable is running up your sleeve, and it is connected to your iPhone. The Let’s Shake on It ® software takes over from there. All you need to do shake hands with potential partners. {A wireless version is in development.}

The Let’s Shake on It ® software is touch activated. The palm sensors will assess the other person’s collaboration disposition using a continuum developed by Arthur Himmelman. If an individual scores 1 out of 4, that means he or she is only willing and able to network, that is, exchange information for mutual benefit. A score of 2 out of 4 indicates that the individual can network with others and coordinate, that is, alter his or her activities for mutual benefit to achieve a common purpose. An individual scoring 3 out of 4, accordingly, can network, coordinate, and cooperate, which means that he or she is also inclined to share resources.  Now, when an individual scores a 4 out of 4, it is time to take notice. In addition to having what it takes to network, coordinate, and cooperate, this person can collaborate, can execute all the above and more driven by the desire to grow and the commitment to take part in the growth of team mates and partners in the very process of working together!

When the sensors have identified a collaborator, the Let’s Shake on It ® program will chime. Do not let go of that hand!

Let's Shake on It ®

Crosby Oats

OK, this project has been rattling around in my head for some months now, so I thought I’d get it out of my system, as it were, once and for all.  It’s not a sketch, per se, although these’s a tiny bit of sketching involved, which I did in Procreate; it’s a manipulation of a photograph and an image, which I did in Procreate and PowerPoint.

Crosby Oats

Technical:  I’m a big fan of Crosby, Still, Nash, and sometimes Young (you know, like the vowels, right? a – e – i – o – u – and sometimes – Y). Bio of Maestro David Crosby is here. Plus, I also like Quaker Oats products, especially hot oatmeal; that image comes from here.

Again, if necessary, mea culpa. Hey, it’s my blog; but, I know, there are rules’n stuff.


Mayberry Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)

Aunt Bee, I know it’s late, but I’m’a swing by’n pick up piece’at pie.



Technical: I found the reference photo on Google by doing a search of images. I displayed it on my large desktop monitor while I sketched it free hand on my iPad using Procreate. Here are the two images. Sure I would do things differently, if given another chance. I could go back and do more, but I called it quits at a point along the way.


More No. 2s

If I’m on top of my tags and categories, previous posts dealing with this collectors’ item, the Eberhard Faber, Princess, No. 2, School Pencil, will be associated with this post. If not, I’ll manually link one or two, but there’re several. It’s a fine icon.

More practice.

Endangered Species

Evolution is change over time. Perhaps we should not underestimate extinction.
Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”


Tongue's Out too_2.jpg