Coast to Coast 3: Lucky Midnight Dog?

What? OK, between Phoenix and San Jose I opened up Paper 53 to pass the time at 35,000 ft. There’s nothing Southwest Airlines about this one, well maybe indirectly.


Coast to Coast 1: Line Up in Philly

UPDATE (October 14, 2015) I’m happy to report that this piece, on aluminum (12″W x 9″ H x 2″D) and in a much higher resolution sold on Vango [click here for more information].

Now back to the original post from Nov. 29, 2014:
Southwest’s cattle-call methodology…once you’re on the plane, everyone’s in first class…or is that last class?

Philly Airport

Philly Airport

Done in Procreate

What Would Ruth Do?

I admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So I search through some Google images and found this one, saved it, cropped it, imported it into Procreate, and used it as a side-by-side reference in a freehand drawing with some liberties and justice for all.

Another progress video…click here.

Four High-Altitude Travel Illustrations

1. The Person in the Window Seat (click to enlarge)



2. The Tote Personal Overhead Bin (click to enlarge)



3. Turbulence (click to enlarge)


4. Visioning Session with Fellow Citizen Passengers of the Exit Rows: A Revisitation (click to enlarge)


Flying from San Jose through Denver to Philly with iPad and Procreate.

Thanksgiving Traditions


Inspirational & Technical: The image should be self explanatory; if not, please click on this link for additional clues. One of the embedded photos was my reference. I imported it to do a side-by-side, freehand drawing in Procreate before cropping it out.