Three Bullet Points

I’ve had this drawing with me for several years. I think I sketched at an evaluation conference in the early 2000s. At any rate, they say that if you break complicated things down into three points, then folks will be more likely to understand them, maybe even become them.  I tweaked a thing or two in Procreate. It was rough to begin with,

  • Who know?
  • Who cares?
  • So what?

The Social Media Circus

IMG_1078We rented The Elephant Man (1980) a couple of weeks ago and subsequently learned that it was Mel Brooks who hired David Lynch to direct the film. (See also the Wikipedia entry.) Who better to influence the portrayal of the circus!
The film moved me and helped me to understand a little better what is dramatized in the Comments Section of so many posts in social media, something I’ve tried to deal with elsewhere.

On Mitote No: Countervailing Language Avalanches

Without some sort of tranquilizing intervention, our inner dialogue will mimic the outer dialogue around us; after all, that’s how we acquire language in the first place and “develop” it subsequently. I see this too as related to mitote, which we’ve explored elsewhere here at
There’s inner mitote, and there’s outer mitote. We’re up to our ears in mitote. Look at what happens metastatically within the comments section on many posts, the countervailing avalanches of polarized opinions mistaken for fact.
What triggers them? How do we tame them? How do we work through them? How do we work around them?