Exchanging and Renewing Vows at Vista Ranch and Cellars

Once our friends, Katie and Colton exchanged their marital vows, they invited the rest of us to exchange additional vows with them and to renew our existing vows among ourselves. It was an inspired, inclusive, poetic, musical, and delicious celebration of love there at the Vista Ranch and Cellars in Merced, CA.

Vista Ranch & Cellars

Illustrated here is the outdoor backdrop against which the ceremony took place. I used an iPhone photo as my reference in a side by side, freehand drawing in Procreate.

Short Story

I almost forgot about this one done yesterday while waiting in the waiting room.
There is more to the context. Practically all the chairs were facing the TV. CNN was on, and reporting centered on the latest act of organized apocalyptic insanity.
once!upon!a!timeNot unlike this one.
96% Paper by Fifty Three
4% Procreate

Heavy Heart

I sat down at the 17th Street Public House, and one Black Butte Porter later, this one popped out:

Heavy Heart

Astor Piazolla…bandoneón…

Reference photo. Progress video.

Between the Arts Center and Rancho San Miguel 

Another car in Merced caught my eye. So, with the help of Procreate I present, to some extent, “the car between the Arts Center and Rancho San Miguel.” If you know your cars, send me the make and year, along with your contact information, and I’ll knock 50% off on a portfoliolongo bumper sticker also available here via PayPal.


Progress video.