T Minus 599

Click on the arrow in the orange circle, and I’ll play T Minus 599 for you.

What’s this about? I already posted the accompanying image, along with others, around Thanksgiving (2014), and the music is an original tune that I gathered into a single unit and uploaded to SoundCloud today.

See I’m gathering stuff up for a yard sale because we’re moving in about a month, transitioning back to home owners from being renters since 2008. Our new place is almost three miles miles from here. If we could take the Parsons Ave. Ferry, it would be around two and a half miles!

At Any Rate

It is what it is, more or less.

I sometimes find the expression, it is what it is, overused and oversimplifying since it doesn’t account for point of view, perspective, or context; it’s a hermeneutical short circuit.

Ida and the Polish Countryside

A couple of nights ago we watched Ida, a 2013 Polish drama film directed by Paweł Pawlikowski and written by Pawlikowski and Rebecca Lenkiewicz. I went back in search of images and found this one, which I used as my reference photo for a drawing in Procreate.



Say, Eh! Come on, say it again like you mean it, EH!
Now lower your head into your chest, turn off the lights, go under water, and in a single, brief exhalation frame EH with PHL on one side and GM on the other.
There! Phlegm.
Ok, you can return to your regularly scheduled programming now.

Lonely Vowel

Grand Silence, Just Sayin’

To be clear for a change, this one’s about my trying to make sense of my own monastic experience and poke fun at the currently popular expression, that’s what I’m talking about. That should suffice.
Grand Silence, Just Sayin'