Endodonic Therapy

OK, that’s a mouthful. So what did the focus group come up with?


For years I’ve wondered why it hasn’t occurred to at least four out of five dentists that there might be a better name for endodonic therapy than “root canal.” Please submit your suggestions in the comment box below. I’ll forward them to the American Dental Association.

Eighty Four, PA

There was an old monk whom I’d see on a daily basis back, oh, thirty some odd years ago. We’d have a similar encounter each and every day. For me it was repetitive; for him each exchange was brand new. He was familiar with Western Pennsylvania, my home region, and he somehow knew about Eighty Four, PA, which was not far at all from my hometown, Canonsburg, PA. Not surprisingly, the headquarters of 84 Lumbar is located right there in Eighty Four, PA.

At any rate, every time I’d see this old buck, the conversation went one of two ways. Half the time it went as illustrated below. When it didn’t go that way, he’d ask me if I was from Canonsburg. I’d say yes. Then he’d say: “I was just talking to a guy from Canonsburg.”

Internet Summary and iPad Update

My iPad’s getting a facelift; well, a whole face transplant. I dropped it a few days ago, and it’s spending the night with Mark at Speedy Computers, in his iCracked capacity. He’s putting on a new screen. I had to use my old iPad for this post, which has an older version of Paper 53 on it, fortunately. Ok, that’s the iPad update.

Here’s this week’s internet summary, and I hope you’ve been keeping up (click here if you’re behind):

banana complexion



Rather Big News

I learned today that one of the iPad drawings that I submitted to the mDAC Summit’s Mobile Digital Art & Photography Exhibition was accepted and will be exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center during the month of August, 2015. In the category of digital painting there were over 700 submissions, and mine was among the top 100. To celebrate this great news everyone at portfoliolongo.com will have the day off tomorrow. In a few weeks, when the news is ready to be shared, I’ll post the announcement link and the image in question. The opening and reception will take place on August 7, 2015.


Taxi in front of Hemingway’s Finca Vigía in Cuba

Like I said, they’re everywhere; well, in Cuba at least. I snapped a shot of this enormous Cadillac taxi, in front of Finca Vigía, a museum now, where Ernest Heminingway lived from 1939 to 1960. The Finca is located in San Francisco de Paula, a small town about 10 miles from Havana.
Here’s a rendering of that taxi done in Procreate with a Sty-HD stylus using the photo referenced above…side by side, freehand.

Rest in Peace, Cuthbert

On June 2, 2015 a friend and former confrère of mine, Fr. Cuthbert A. Jack, O.S.B., was laid to rest. You can read his obituary here. After his funeral the monks of St. Vincent Archabbey most certainly entoned the Benedictine Ultima, a rendition of which, accompanied by none other than Yo-Yo Ma, can be seen and heard by clicking on this YouTube link. See the Benedictine Ultima lyrics and sheet music below.

(Revised 6/12/15) Thirty five years ago Cuthbert and I – along with something like 13 others – were in the same, unusually large novice class. From that novice class only two remain, one at the abbey and the other at a parish not too far from the abbey. My condolences to them. Astonishingly, Cuthbert was the fifth to die from that group of novices. The others are off doing one thing or another. Read Cuthbert’s obituary; multiply it by 100. Why? He was a character for Christ’s sake!

See the three YouTube videos – inserted below – of Cuthbert making bread.


Procreate, Sty-HD stylus, freehand with photo reference (See obituary or watch progress video.)

Benedictine Ultima

They’re Everywhere…

…and there’s even a Facebook page: Carros Clásicos de Cuba! So, on our two flights back home, I put stylus to screen in Procreate for a side by side freehand guided by a photo that Annyth took with her iPhone. Habana-clásico