Norm Crosby Goes to the Doctor

Ok, this simple idea popped into my head yesterday, and I had to get it out of my system. Some of you will remember Norm Crosby, the Master of Malaprop. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say this.

Karl Malden’s Nose

About a week ago, a mobile/digital art friend of mine, click here to meet her, posted an evocative photo of a succulent, bulbous tomato on Instagram:

The image reminded me of Karl Malden’s nose; and so for several days I walked around, semi-entranced, with that image on my cognitive back burner…until last night:

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Reference photo (stock, Google images)

Technical: I drew this freehand in Sketch Club on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Mas o menos, eh? Sketch Club produces a cool statistical summary of the images you create. You can see in this summary that I played around for about an hour. The summary doesn’t show how I used iColorama to slightly darken and sharpen the image, which only took a couple of minutes.

Studying the G Street Revolution

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the sounds of G Street Revolution whenever I have a chance. A few of the musicians are colleagues of my wife at UC Merced. Check’em Out on Facebook or here.

At the Merced County Fairgrounds:

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At Vista Ranch and Cellars:

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Just a snippet at Five Ten Bistro:

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Pretty sure all these were done in Sketch Club and iColorama.

Chuck’n Dianne

They were sitting still long enough, them and their features’n stuff. Plus, I stopped listening.

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iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, couple’a hours, Sketch Club, sharpening in iColorama

Stopped in Pismo Beach…

…on the way to Santa Barbara to see David Byrne’s 100th performance (8/24/8) of the Utopia Tour held at the Santa Barbara Bowl. See tiny snippet of performance below.

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