Sounds like an Adult ESL Instructional Grouping Strategy

working In pears

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I hardly ever post anything about the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes I teach. I always take my iPad and project it onto a large screen. Oftentimes, I do a digital drawing in Paper 53 that accompanies a set of scrambled words that I ask students to unscramble. It works especially well at the very beginning of my multi-level, adult, beginning ESL classes as students trickle in. Here’s a collection of a few that I’ve recently used.


Teaching ESL is a fun was to apply anthropology.

2 thoughts on “Sounds like an Adult ESL Instructional Grouping Strategy

    • Hey Don – It’s an old-fashioned technique. My Spanish professor at W&J, yep, my one and only Spanish professor for 4 years, used the technique at the beginning. Then I used it when I did my own student-teaching practicum. Fast forward a few years, and switching from Spanish to English, I started using it in my ESL classes.
      Just last night we spent almost the whole 2 hours one this one: “These are my feet, this is my hand, and that is your head.” I thought the hardest thing would be differentiating between both singular and plural/near and far (this-these and that-those); but, we kinda’ discovered together that it was the /z/ sound in “these” that presented the biggest challenge. In Spanish the /s/ sound is common; however, there is no /z/ sound. Consequently, they’re very naturally inclined to pronounce “eyes” as “ice.” So I had everyone promise they’d imitate bees all the way home!!!


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