Homemade Trump Era-Related Editorial Cartoons Etc.

Hundreds of digital (iPad) paintings, drawings, cartoons, videos, doodles, and photo-mashups about this nightmare, dating back to late 2014. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to compulsive behaviors; OK, enough about the President. These illustrations are my number-one, anger-management strategy.

Royal Petri Dish

Public-Private Partnerships

Nobody But ME

While You’re At It

Start All Over

That Hat

Ditto Birds

analytical liberty for all

Now look at what you’ve done to “both sides!”

A Republican with Extramural Integrity

absolutely relative

62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate, Barry C. Black

Name Dropper

Truth for Sale

Shredded Truth

US, my ass

Boris gets laid off

Boris gets laid off

Proactive Ignorance

GOP Impeachment Inquiry Strategy

“…get over it…” acting White House Chief of Staff, John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney


Loyalty, Liberty, and Q-tips

Core Values

Arbitrary causality and pseudo-scientific literacy

Irony anyone re. mental illness?:
1. Aren’t they anti-science? Isn’t psychology something of a science?
2. Don’t they scoff at experts? What if they’re mental illness experts?




e pluribus unum

made from 100% dogwhistle extract

the ad nauseam chorus


sizzle not steak

holy orders


just thinking out loud

Holding on to PTSD

irreconcilable similarities

Encage Him Up

We chant: “Encage Him Up! Encage Him Up! Encage Him Up!”

“If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.” (Apocryphally attributed to Abe Lincoln)

As a matter of fact

redacted report

Short Circuit Court of Conceals

King of the Deplorables


Lower the Barr

Above the Law – Beyond Belief

Religious Liberty

His cup runnyth over.


Senate Confirmation Hearing (Barr) & Widespread National Stupidity

Saw Apocalypse Now recently, and it helped me see some similarities:

George and Barbara looking back

#whenhellfreezesover unfortunately

Poor Old Uncle Sam

Thelma & Louise

Trump & the USA; based in part on Thelma & Louise

…but other than that, it runs fine…

Unlike the Maytag Repairman, the MAGA repairman has so much to fix, he doesn’t know where to start.

portojohn descending lobby escalator

…none of your business…

click on images to enlarge

I voted. Rinse. Repeat.

You know, there’s help.

POTUS emphasizes the H in both Jesus H. Christ or Barack H. Obama Picasso style.

The Invasive Caravan is getting closer. Don’t just sit there!

There’s no turning back.

Endangered Subspecies

The MagaBomber’s Van

Inspired to hoot and holler.


United Shithole Nations

Harriet and Phil shopping around.

POTUS’ Limited Involvement (Remember how he unleashed 3 parttime FBI agents and a retired service dog to investigate Kavanaugh allegations?)

Plowin’ Mitch on a Mission


Patriarchy and the Panel of Experts

Remember the (other) plaid shirt guy?

Hollow Be Thy Process (click on image to enlarge)

Spooky Gesture; Spookier Confirmation Hearing – click on image to enlarge

RBG (click on image to enlarge)

Deep State Hemorrhoids


think John McCain…ok, got it?

ask any guru

Context: Al Franken: “The thing is, collusion IS a crime, if you collude with somebody to break a law,” “That’s called ‘conspiracy.’ You can’t get out of a crime by finding a synonym. If that were the case, all any criminal defense lawyer would need is a thesaurus.” Mid October 2018

double flusher

[Phone rings.]

It’s a Wonderful Night; no, it’s living hell

Integrity – schmintegrity

red meat…downstream

‘Dog’ references


Customer Service, Sarah Sanders, and Karma

Another Sunday Service

Media alignment

The way they use the Bible to pick winners.

The way he blames Democrats.

I along can do this!

Absolute Executive Flexibility

I’ve had this one on my mind for a long time. It’s called “deadend.”

Click on image to enlarge it

In the spirit of John McCain, I’m surprised Trump hasn’t criticized Jesus for getting himself crucified…well that’s what inspired this one:

Pence: Time to wrap this up:

POTUS shadowboxing Stormy

click 0n image to enlarge

The doctor is in.

click on image to enlarge

How ‘bout the time he completely disregarded reporters’ real questions, furnished his own fake question, and proceeded to “answer” it? What a guy!

Heavens to Betsy, deregulate this208F439E-6C45-4984-AAA3-6A29A1C037BB

transubstantiation optical delusion

No collusion illusionRear view mirrorStupid commentsYou’re on your ownNeed-a-spreadsheetDashboard Warning Lights

Pence: Plan B

Absolute Moral Relativity

2018 tax cruiser sedan

Either/or Anymore


Squatln’ Down

Y’all, I ain’t backin’ down; I’m squatin’ down.

Talk Radio’s Done Enough Damage

Talk Radio’s Done Enough Damage

Steve Bannon PimpleRear View Mirror



All Amer Prez

All American President, Sorta’

Hey, that’s my view too!


ZeroNat'l Lampoon's WhitehouseDestroying Society

Click on image to enlarge

The sleeves are fine. How soon can you let out the pants?

ImagineExecutive Bloviation1st Tryimg_3469

crap detectorДеконструировать

CONE HIMwrong turn

blah blah blahuntitled


Fake Quijote

Psycho GerrymanderingBoob Tubealternative customer service

Attention Surplus Syndrome

he who tweeteth discord


shit storm

the relativity of eligibility

#tweeterinchiefreal presence fake newspre-existing conditions

Oh Nine! Rep. Joe Wilson (R)

Remember when this sort of crap was rare?

not normal

That First Thanksgiving Dinner


400lbhackerDumpEyes of the BeholdersOPMIce cream manPractically TacticalGas Baspick a card - any cardMr. Trump, Tear Down This BS

Unconventional '16imagewallMilk of MagnesiaLeaving the Seat UpprayerWTF WWFEstablotchmentNo!Checks and Balances?30 friggin' percent

Ms Davis

Wait, what’s she doing here?


Who knows how many are under the fridge? This was my first Trump-specific post, 12/14/15!!

The rest of these are simply related:

thesegoddamendgunsNowhereAerobic ActivityIMG_1446IMG_1433

political car sales

Political Car Sales

20140802-181227-65547307.jpg20140720-220013-79213081.jpg20140518-082926-30566282.jpgmonumental bloviation


cogito ergo spin


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