Video Dept.


Pencil Passion?

The portfoliolongo theme song:

Another Pencil – circa Halloween 2015 – Happy Birthday Annyth

Old and new videos (with a little homemade music)

The pencil theme:

There is, I believe, a little musical reason to believe that I’ll never be the same having lived in New Orleans for a period of time, and not just any period of time.  This one started a few months before Katrina (and Rita) in 2005 and five years later, when the Saints won the Super Ain’t-It Bowl in 2010. As Ann says, “In with Katrina and out with the Super Bowl!”

The Jan. 2010 version:

Here’s an updated version of Never Gonna Be the Same (Jan. 2010 embedded below), a video on my YouTube channel, that I posted today, July 23, 2014 – while I was wearing long sleeves on an unusually cool summer morning here in the Central Valley:

Now back to the tangible stuff I make.

In April of 2014 a neighbor had to remove a large branch of the birch tree in front of his house and gave me a hunk to play with. I’d never messed with birch. So I took a few photos, strung’em together in iMovie, and slapped on some original music from a video on my Youtube channel entitled, An Unexpected Visitor.

From a previous blogpost:

More on that piece of music:

An Unexpected Visitor: A slightly disoriented Least Bittern visited our front porch in New Orleans…(video uploaded April 1, 2009)…

Lamp Man of Iowa: The story of how David Meshek, Antique Lighting, West Des Moines, Iowa straightened things out and shed light on a small problem that arose after our wonderful Spring 2011 trip to Morocco. [Video uploaded to YouTube on July 17, 2011]

Music for the video (July 2011):

Hawkeye Breeders, Iowa: The story of how bull semen is collected, fertility is tested, and everybody lives happily ever after. [Video uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2011, no fooling].  This was a spin-off activity associated with a fantastic experience I had in the best class ever, Class of 2010-11 of Leadership Iowa. Special thanks to the one and only, Seth Watkins, the semen from whose bull was collected and tested in this video!

App Cakes:  Or was it “cake apps?” At any rate, back in May or June of 2012 Ann crafted a retirement gift for a colleague who was going on to bigger and better things in her life. This gift required some planning, preparation, and baking!  I knew she was up to something, so I took a few photos, strung them together with some public-domain music into a 35-second iMovie. Take a look:

Cottonwood: A look at cottonwood bark.

Aug. 2009

Keep checking back for more…

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