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Have you heard of Redbubble? I have uploaded a few images to that site, where you can purchase framed prints, metal prints, t-shirts, mugs, etc. In fact, if you see an image here on that you like, that isn’t already on Redbubble, then just let me know. I’ll upload that image in any customized way you’d like. Click here to see what’s already up there; then order whatever you’d like or contact me for specific requests. Again, you can acquire any image tied to any post or gallery here on through Redbubble or directly with me the following, old-fashioned way:

Do It the Old Fashioned Way: An Illustration
1. You see an image that you like, and you’re curious. What would that look like on one of my walls? Would I like more than one?
2. Use the form below to let me know what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, what I can do for you.
3. Once I find out what you’re interested in, I’ll probably suggest looking around the blog for more images, if you haven’t already found everything you’re looking for.
4. You do that, and then we talk about print medium and image size.
5. I get back to you with a proposal…like this one:


click on image to enlarge

6. You consider that and let me know if and when it’s time for me to contact my printer, my canvas printer in this illustration.
7. Once prints get printed, I either get them framed or you do. In this illustration, the collector got them framed, hung them on her wall, and snapped a photo for us to look at:

Click on image to enlarge

End of illustration. Thanks for checking it out.

Paper, Canvas, Metal Prints, Sky’s the Limit
Look around, look through the current posts, the archives, the galleries, or suggest an idea for some other illustration/image to be printed/mounted. Use the comments to initiate contact.
small canvas prints

How ’bout a bumper sticker? You can now purchase the Bumper Sticker through PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now link below!!

Item# 0000000001 11.00
Buy Now Button Bumper Sticker
11 in. X 3 in. (279 mm X 76 mm) $10.00 USD (includes tax and shipping)


iPad illustrations done in Paper 53Procreate, and 3 or 4 others (Sketch Club, Sketchbook, Art Set Pro, Tayasui Sketches, etc.) like the ones shown below, printed and sized to your specifications.  Gallery forthcoming. Why wait? If you see something that you like anywhere on this site, fill out the form below, and let’s design and figure it out together.

Example 1: Mayberry SWAT, Owl’s Wise Open, and City Limits
Assorted Large Poster Display:


Example 2: Salt Trucks
Medium Poster – 18″ x 24″

Salt Trucks II
Example 3: Ney and Tombak
Small Poster, Mounted/Laminated – 11.3″ x 17.3″

Ney & Tombak I

Small Posters

Small Posters


From HERE of all places! Click, I dare you.


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