Wood and Mud

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portfoliolongo terrarium



Twenty-six years later: “Stubby”

IMG_0955 - Version 2collection

Previously and elsewhere on portfoliolongo.com, we talked about the owl whose eyes were knots. Well, here you go:

Maryam's Monk

Maryam’s Monk

[The above composite was derived from the following photos taken by Maryam.]

maryam's monk a

maryam’s monk a

maryam's monk b

maryam’s monk b

maryam's monk c

maryam’s monk c

maryam's monk d

maryam’s monk d

maryam's monk e

maryam’s monk e


proto fire plug



fire plug



Fire Plug


IMG_0429 IMG_1498

cottonwood bark, approx 12

cottonwood bark, approx 12″ long


IMG_1503 - Version 2 IMG_3072 IMG_3075 Merton

IMG_0422 Uncle Patsy_2_2


Brother Maplehead

Pinehurtz Dentistry _2


IMG_4619 Studio2 Smudge Pot Open Swirl Container Open Glazed Container Open Containers Large Face Large Face 2 img34
img3 img5img2

Crestship Tongue's Out too figuras 2 figuras 2_2 Figuras Figuras_2 Whistler Relief_2 Scapes Scapes_2 Tongue's Out too_2 Whistler_2 Comrade Containers'n Figure



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