Video Dept.

“Fireplug,” a short film with original soundtrack.

By all means, turn your sound on to take in the sound track on this one, entitled, Sniff Sniff!

Some Appalachian Persia, honoring Dave & Sirous in loving memory of Brenda.


Procreate, an iPad drawing/painting app has a relatively new feature called “animation assist,” and the following two videos are examples of my first attempts to play around with the feature. (early 2020)

Pencil Passion?

The portfoliolongo theme song:

Another Pencil – circa Halloween 2015 – Happy Birthday Annyth

Old and new videos (with a little homemade music)

The pencil theme:

There is, I believe, a little musical reason to believe that I’ll never be the same having lived in New Orleans for a period of time, and not just any period of time.  This one started a few months before Katrina (and Rita) in 2005 and five years later, when the Saints won the Super Ain’t-It Bowl in 2010. As Ann says, “In with Katrina and out with the Super Bowl!”

The Jan. 2010 version:

Here’s an updated version of Never Gonna Be the Same (Jan. 2010 embedded below), a video on my YouTube channel, that I posted today, July 23, 2014 – while I was wearing long sleeves on an unusually cool summer morning here in the Central Valley:

Now back to the tangible stuff I make.

In April of 2014 a neighbor had to remove a large branch of the birch tree in front of his house and gave me a hunk to play with. I’d never messed with birch. So I took a few photos, strung’em together in iMovie, and slapped on some original music from a video on my Youtube channel entitled, An Unexpected Visitor.

From a previous blogpost:

More on that piece of music:

An Unexpected Visitor: A slightly disoriented Least Bittern visited our front porch in New Orleans…(video uploaded April 1, 2009)…

Lamp Man of Iowa: The story of how David Meshek, Antique Lighting, West Des Moines, Iowa straightened things out and shed light on a small problem that arose after our wonderful Spring 2011 trip to Morocco. [Video uploaded to YouTube on July 17, 2011]

Music for the video (July 2011):

Hawkeye Breeders, Iowa: The story of how bull semen is collected, fertility is tested, and everybody lives happily ever after. [Video uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2011, no fooling].  This was a spin-off activity associated with a fantastic experience I had in the best class ever, Class of 2010-11 of Leadership Iowa. Special thanks to the one and only, Seth Watkins, the semen from whose bull was collected and tested in this video!

App Cakes:  Or was it “cake apps?” At any rate, back in May or June of 2012 Ann crafted a retirement gift for a colleague who was going on to bigger and better things in her life. This gift required some planning, preparation, and baking!  I knew she was up to something, so I took a few photos, strung them together with some public-domain music into a 35-second iMovie. Take a look:

Cottonwood: A look at cottonwood bark.

Aug. 2009

Keep checking back for more…

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