Here’s the image that came to mind just after I started reading this interview by Amy Santee with design anthropologist, Armonia Alvarado.

Armonia invited folks in the LinkedIn group, Ethnographers to read her interview by using the following quote, which helps us understand what is meant by design anthropology: “Mediation between objects and people has always gone in both directions. Anthropology breaks the dichotomies: person – object, humans – tools, user – designer, company – consumer. Anthropology reframes these relations, bringing processual understanding of the constant moving forward of creation and human reinvention. Design anthropology has given the industry the tools to create and respond to ever-changing human ecosystems.”

It was that quote that prompted me cognitively to drag out some of my favorite images in this illustration, e.g., facing mirrors and straddling stuff, in order to go back and understand the interview better.


6 thoughts on “Between

  1. Paul,
    What you did was really creative! The rest of your blog has me pretty impressed too! I love how you are using art as a universal tool to communicate more complex concepts, and other topics in everyday life. Kudos! I am really glad my interview inspired you! If it is ok with you, I would like to share your post in my website.
    Best Regards,
    Armonía Alvarado


    • Armonia,
      Thank you. I’m very heavily and positively influenced by anthropology, pretty much due to some very inspiring professors, not to mention my own applied experience. I’m pleased to know that you and others are so proactively and creatively engaged. I look forward to following along via your websites from a distance. And yes, by all means, feel free to share anything you want. All the best, and let’s stay in touch. Paul


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