Yes Sir, Big Sur

Attention senses. I’m preparing you for some spectacular treats this weekend. Here a photo is helping us imagine, in a squinty-eyed, impressionistic way what the Bixby Bridge and it’s setting have in store for us. Ready?


2 thoughts on “Yes Sir, Big Sur

    • DL, I just noticed this comment, gonna fire my assistant. I have to say that, when we got to Big Sur, it wasn’t nearly as blurry as I had expected.
      Also, one of these days I’d like to act on an image that’s emblazoned in my memory’s notepad, i.e., the wallet trick at Town Park. A sketch of it and then maybe a blog post may not do it the justice it deserves. As I think it through, only a full blown motion picture would come close; so, it may remain hermetically and respectfully sealed in my memory, another example of velleity.


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