The Tiny Store in Canonsburg, PA

Except for Marcantonio’s on the corner of Murdock St. and Hutchinson Ave., run by Guiseppe “Chipazeek” Marcantonio, and the little store on Iron St. run by Sam “Shy” Benowitz, the Tiny Store on Pike St. in my hometown of Canonsburg, PA, was my introduction to commerce…and candy. The folks who worked there were like family; in fact, one of the butchers, Mario DiSalle was my cousin through his wife, Lena! Sadly, the Tiny Store closed its doors in 2013.

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As usual, I used a photo as a reference to do a quick, rough, free-hand, side by side rendering in Procreate. Check out the progress video (short time lapse) done in Procreate.


6 thoughts on “The Tiny Store in Canonsburg, PA

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  2. Why was this store closed down in the first place? It served me well after church was over to buy what I needed without having to wait for 15 minutes in a line at a supermarket. If anyone knows why it was closed, please let me know.


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