Hotel Palacio O’Farrill: Lobby, Bar, and Restaurant

In the Hotel Palacio O’Farrill’s dramatic lobby/courtyard Wendy, Kevin, Annyth, and I – along with the eight other visitors on our educational tour – enjoyed breakfasts before and preprandials after each day’s program, complete with guide, Jesus and driver, Ramon. Why O’Farrill?

Beer, wine, mojitos, Cuba Libres, and, of course, música cubana!

2 thoughts on “Hotel Palacio O’Farrill: Lobby, Bar, and Restaurant

  1. Wow..what an amazing trip you had! Thanks for all those very interesting and informative links..didn’t know about the Irish and Cuba connections…quite enjoyed my armchair travels while reading your blog; so much to read and look at! ….What a wonderful hotel, great pic of it; and your painting of the musicians is full of life and colour. Lovely! Thanks for a great post, really is nice to see you back here in the blogosphere. 🙂
    I gather you’ll be in your new house soon, when all the renovations are completed – hope it all goes well. Have a great day, Janette. 🙂


    • How kind of you to welcome me back.
      The trip to Cuba was wonderful. It deepened my understanding after both confirming and challenging it. I’ll be processing so for a while.
      It’s good to be back; and, I must add that it’s a pleasure to be finding a blogospherical community, thanks mainly to you.

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