Cuba Introduction Tour 

After we spend a couple of days with friends in our old neighborhood, Algiers Point in New Orleans, LA, we’ll be flying to Havana, Cuba on a chartered flight to begin a week-long educational tour of the capital city plus an excursion to Las Terrazas. With most of the packing and preparations nearly done, and the house move put on hold, I’m assembling some of my romantic notions about Cuba expecting that they will be somehow put into perspective. I’ve flown over Cuba several times on short and long trips to Paraguay, Colombia, and Argentina back when it was practically impossible to enter the country. Times have changed, relations have begun to normalize, but the embargo has not yet been lifted. So we’ll enter on an educational tour sponsored by a Canadian company. 

Technical: I referred to this photo to do a freehand drawing in Procreate. Also, I made use of the image in a previous post, entitled Sin Embargo, after a reversal and some tweaking.

5 thoughts on “Cuba Introduction Tour 

      • Paul please share your photos along with your interpretive art work. The Greater Des Moines Partnership and also the International Municipal Lawyers Association have trips later this year. I am tempted but I could go to Europe on the cheap twice for the price of these trips.

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