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    • Thanks. It came out of nowhere. I’m so glad you commented for a specific reason too. In your last post you outlined some steps and referred to “Pages” as a tool. Before I purchase that app, can you please say a little more about the utility of that tool. I’m hoping it might allow me to resize images so that I can send them off for printing on canvas by companies that have predetermined sizes. I might be way off, but I’m still curious about why you prefer PDFs and how you use “Pages.”
      Thanks again for your kind words and your generosity.

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      • I do appreciate your questions..one of the reasons for my blog, is to be helpful in these areas. 🙂
        I’ll do my best, though I’m very much, self taught through lots of experimenting and trial and error. The “Pages” app is like Microsoft Word, (I gather it is, as I’ve hardly ever used a computer) you can format your docs as plain essays with pics, inserted where you want from the “iPhoto” section of your iPad..or use various templates: newsletter, pamphlet and so on..I rarely use this part.
        By taking my art into the “Pages” app before printing, I can vary the size of the print, centre it and then turn it into a pdf (therefore knowing it would print just as I want it) then I email it to my local office supply store to be laser printed (costs very little). For a while I emailed straight from an art app, however once at the store the lady there, would have to adjust it on her screen to get it the size I wanted..etc. Not ideal! With “Pages” I found I could also arrange my artworks into, small prints, bookmarks…onto an A4 sheet, or have a pic with the white border the way I wanted, then with a tap, make them into pdfs, before I emailed them. I do this also before I use my air printer at home except I don’t need to pdf them for this. I can have them laser printed up to A3 size, with negligible pixellation.
        With a pdf, from “Pages” for my free printables, I know that for those who may download them; the quality will be very good and the size and position will the way I want I designed it to be.
        A print from “Pages” is the tiniest bit less colourful (barely perceptible) than straight from an art app, but worth it, as it allows me to do all these things! I know you sell posters (and a bumper sticker) wondered how you print them?
        As for on canvas, I take my art pics from “iPhoto” through an amazing app called “Big Photo” and usually resize them to 12 megapixels, without loss of quality or clarity, and then upload them to RedBubble an online store where I have a site..if I didn’t do this I could only have very small prints, on cards, phone covers… there’s a link to my RedBubble site on the sidebar of my blog. I can have fairly large canvas prints made there..I’ve bought, some posters, cards, cushions..with my art on them..that was fun! Easy to set up a site there, you may enjoy doing that.
        I do have some of this info on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.
        Anyway, not sure if this info was quite what you wanted. I want to do a sort of downloadable “FAQ” sheet…eventually…on various things about the apps I use..shall prob use those ever handy bullet points..Well, enough said/written. All the best, Janette. 🙂


      • Thank you so much, Janette, for taking the time to respond to my question. Your outline, explanation, and suggestions are clear, useful, and timely! Yes, I claim to sell stuff, but I’ve never had any requests…no business. I’ve taken or sent files to a local office supply store and have had some images printed there, but as you say, the folks there have to manipulate the size in what I believe is the precise step that having and using Pages just might eliminate. I had something like 20 bumper stickers printed by an online company called Vistaprint or something like that. I got a little frustrated, even though they did print and send me the stickers, because I got sucked into their marketing schemes; plus, there are steps I need to complete before sending out or carrying files for printing on anything, notecards, mugs, battleships, etc. When I looked into Pages, the description sounded more like a word processing app, but now I can understand how the app allows folks to design newsletters and such. So, I’ll purchase that and set up an account on Redbubble, which I’ve looked into but shied away from. Now I think I feel confident enough to move forward since it’s the resizing, fundamentally, that I’m looking for right now.
        I’ve read elsewhere on your amazing blog that you have a certain calling, a divine vocation to share your God-given talents and expertise. So let me thank you and our creator for both of your efforts. I’ll continue digging around on your blog to piece together even more tips so that I can nourish my calling as well. Thanks again!

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      • Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad that my informational writing was clear enough; I was little concerned it was too tangled in places. I’ll need to try and polish it up a bit, as I hope to continue with that kind of writing in posts sometimes.
        It’s so great to have come across a fellow artist who also draws and paints on an iPad and want’s to explore it more. Let alone, you have musical talent and skills, and you sculpt … and also, very (most) importantly seem such a genuinely nice, friendly person! Yay! 🙂
        I’m excited to hear your plans for a RedBubble site and though I can purchase some of your art now, reckon I’ll wait to you have your site up and running – mind you no pressure 🙂 – but I’m looking forward to seeing it there.
        Just a note on that “Big Photo” app (which may sound mundane, but I find fascinating) when I resized a pic and emailed it to the office store to see what happened; she said it was too big to see on the screen properly, and couldn’t be laser printed. She was surprised when I said…that was great, because then I knew it had worked. Of course when uploading to RedBubble, it did an excellent job, and finally I could see my art was able to printed quite large, and on all kinds of things…so pleased it worked!
        I’m so thankful to God for the opportunity over the years to use my art and words, to share about my love for Him and His word. Also feel blessed to be able to help and encourage (and be helped and encouraged) others in their own creative journey; with blogging opening a whole new internet world of opportunity!
        As always, I look forward to your future posts..oh dear, another very long comment – better dash. All the best, Janette. 🙂

        God-willing I’ll be able to continue blogging for a long while yet; both to encourage others and be encouraged. 🙂

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      • Thanks for the additional information on Big Photo. I purchased and installed that app and Pages yesterday, and it’ll be a while before I feel comfortable with them. I’ve also found some YouTube tutorials and reviews, which, along with your explanation plus trial and error, I’ll get oriented.

        I also created an account on Redbubble. Now, it’ll be a while before I move forward there too. My main concerns right now center on post-production, pre-marketing logistics, those steps we need to take after drawing something, or maybe before completing the final touches on a drawing drawing and getting it ready for digital or non-digital consumption, whether that means selling it or not. On that note, I’m just as interested in handing over the digital file for Redbubble-like handling as I am in assembling a small collection of prints, small and large, paper and canvas, framed and not framed, for people to see in person, flip through, experience live. Pages, Big Photo, (Phonto, which I’ve also used, thanks to you) are tools that will help me move forward in both of those directions and perhaps new directions as well.

        As you mentioned, it is a genuine blessing to bump into and interact with another iPad drawer way out here in cyberspace, a very special blessing to identify one so talented, curious, competent, and generous as you.

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      • Hi Paul, thanks again for your kind words! It took me a while to get to know my way around “Pages”; I’m still learning things…those videos sound a good idea, may check them out myself. Yes, there’s a lot of bits and pieces to do when organising prints, drawings, marketing…. I haven’t really sold anything at RedBubble yet, except to myself and a friend…it all takes time, etc..but you can see how many views you get and I’m pleased lots of people do have a look. 🙂 I do love learning about different apps and their uses in various creative ventures; all good fun! All the best with your all your projects and life in general. :)…catch up again at some stage .. in “cyberspace”…..which I’m sure is in the vicinity of the blogosphere…and is a more pleasant sounding word. 🙂
        ~ Janette

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