2 thoughts on “Shorelines

  1. I love all of these colours, and especially the intensity of colour in the red area – you’ve created an amazing 3d effect in there! Love the overall composition, and that you used Art Set Pro. 🙂 Your mix of this, with the iColorama app, is a winning combination.
    Had a read of about the iColorama app, in the app store; sounds wonderful, and somewhat intriguing. May well, buy it and try it out – eventually – given time! So many great arty apps out there. As always, so enjoy your posts. All the best, Janette


    • Hi Janette – Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was introduced to iColorama at last year’s Mobile Digital Arts Creativity Summit, scheduled again for this coming Aug.. There’s so much to this app; you can even paint in it. It’s biggest utility for me has to do with the enhancements and adjustments to images already done. Now, as far as Art Set Pro’s concerned, you’re the one behind that for me. I’m getting over my intimidation. It just may be one of digital apps that most presupposes familiarity with and competence in traditional techniques. I’m in remedial classes on that.
      It’s becoming easier to explore these new app without regard for my placement in the class, driven by interest alone…and when I see others producing fine work, I extract inspiration to nourish my interests, which is why I look forward to your posts. Best to you too. Paul

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