Bug in Parking Lot

Bug in Parking Lot

A couple of weeks ago I walked out of yoga class and saw a shinny green bug in the parking lot. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped this shot. After drawing the VW bug in Procreate on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, I simply didn’t feel like drawing the other cars and all that. So I stoped there, saved the image, opened it in iColorama, and did some tweaking. Then I brought it back into Procreate for some final touches.

I realized, once I finished Bug in the Parking Lot, that this is how I saw it with post-yoga oxygenated eyes!

2 thoughts on “Bug in Parking Lot

    • I hope you were able to see and click on the link in the blog post that takes you to the photo of the actual VW in a parking lot; it’s spectacularly jungle green and inspirational. Thanks for the kind words!


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