9 thoughts on “The Devil Made Me Draw It (video included)

  1. So funny! and a great drawing!
    Oh, and just a note here to go with, the long note, I just sent you via my facebook page. The only way to access, the shop, and “stay” in the facebook page, is on the pixels.com app. This is only visible on the sidebar, on the web, not in the facebook app, itself. So I also have a “shop now” button, which also takes you to my site ..and is visible, on the web, and in the facebook app. Think there is a way to put in the top facebook menu…haven’t worked that out – yet. (Hope that all makes sense!) Do like playing about with links, good fun; and a good idea to have various site’s accessible via links. 🙂


    • I have a liberal policy regarding grammar and punctuation on this illustroblog; but, when a visitor takes it upon herself to return and spruce things up, I wonder whether I should tighten up my g & p policy in alignment with higher standards. Plus, I’ve noticed a pattern! This isn’t the first time you cared enough to revisit and put our beautiful language’s best foot forward; and for that, I hereby elevate your status here at portfoliolongo.com as Lifetime Platinum.

      Oh, thank you for the information on Pixels. I’m halfway through setting things up; I’m afraid the second half will take longer. I’m not good at following directions… One step at a time.

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      • Honoured by the award, Platinum no less! Thank you Paul. 🙂 Think I’m too keen (pedantic) to dot every “i” , and chase around those pesky apostrophes!
        Will be great to see your work on pixels.com. I am “following” your site on “RedBubble”. 🙂 Noticed some new works there, the “Salt Truck” and “City Limits”, “Corner Hydrant” love them; and well, all of your work. Hope you put “Cowboy with Ball in the Grass” on there.. At some stage want to buy some of these works!
        I’ll look out for you on pixels.com. Not that I following you around the internet! 🙂 …but when you are set up there, I will place a “follow” (for want of a better word) there, too. Hope you have a lovely creative day. ~ Janette


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