Crafting a Creative Story … About Me

I mentioned in a blog post last month that I had begun a process, which I said I would elaborate on in detail at some point. Well, I’m not going to elaborate on that just yet, but I will say that one of the goals of the process is for me to be able to have something coherent to say “about me.” I will also say that I’m working with Adam James Butcher, artist and coach. So in the spirit of showing my work, when it comes to this sort of work in progresss, here’s a one minute, thirty-one second video that I did in Videoshop that represents a draft “illustrated about-me statement” that I hope to improve upon. Your feedback, as usual, is welcome. Please feel free to chime in on this or any other post.

A byproduct of this process is my ABOUT page.

9 thoughts on “Crafting a Creative Story … About Me

    • Thanks for chiming in, Ashleigh. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.
      I’ve pointed out in several blogs one if my favorite Cervantes quotes from Quijote: Cada uno es hijo de sus obras. (Each of us is the offspring of our works.) I love how Cervantes turns the world up side down and inside out!


  1. Wonderful work Paul! Your narration flowed along very well with the pics… your pleasant voice, interesting info and great artwork, made for a very enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve seen Adam James Butcher’s work somewhere online..…just went to his site to a have another look… lots of great artwork there…. hope it all goes well with the coaching – though reckon you are flying along fine! 🙂 Regards Janette


    • Hi Janette – Thanks for checking out my “about me” video and especially for commenting. You especially know, having visited my illustroblog and actively and so generously engaged, that my posts and digital renderings are all over the map and often off the wall.
      I recently was commissioned by a local university to do a piece for their development office, which meant crafting contract language, an invoice, and a bio. Given the audience and the opportunity, I thought it was high time for me take them and myself as seriously as they were taking me so that I could better partner with them in a spirit of genuine reciprocity and respect. That happened to correspond with beginning a coaching relationship with Adam James Butcher.
      The process is coming along, and this little video is a product of it, something Adam and I are viewing as a learning opportunity. So thanks for being a part of this process.
      There’s some irony in this process, especially at this beginning point. Hopefully, I can get beyond all the necessary me, me, me so that I can better tap into a more focused and “other-oriented” form of self expression.
      Thanks again, Janette.

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      • How exciting Paul! A great opportunity… and yes, well said the – “other – orientated” form of self expression – (hmm prob should have quotation marks there, didn’t look right though) a prime, and oh so valuable goal! Really enjoyed reading some articles on Adam James Butcher’s website… Perhaps you could mention to him that under the title, “Artworks” on the beautiful front page of his website, if you press on the title “Other Available Works” this takes you to one of those pesky 404 pages (I’ve had that problem on my site before). Just thought he may want to know. Well, the sun is shining here, think I’ll take the dogs for a walk soon. All the best, Janette 🙂


      • Hi Janette – I saw this comment the day your wrote it and intended to reply then, but I got sidetracked…by several weeks! I’m currently trying to lengthen that little video as well as craft a few different types of autobiographical statements for different social media settings. I’ll mention to Adam your finding the broken link when I talk with him next. I do hope that you’ve had many pleasant walks with the dogs since you wrote this comment. So sorry for needing a reminder. Paul

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      • Righteo… that’s fine Paul. 🙂 Looks like you’ve been busy! Hope all goes well with your projects; sound’s exciting! Yep, have enjoyed lots of lovely walks with our dogs… Look forward (as always) to seeing your future posts. ~ Janette


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