Torre del Veguer

In the Spring of 2016 Annyth and I spent a week with a group of 17 people at a villa (Can Pares) on the outskirts of Sitges in the Penedès wine and cava region in Catalonia, celebrating the 60th birthday of a friend. Located next door was a winery in a former castle, Torre del Veguer, which I featured in another post on this illustroblog.
Here’s a digital painting of Torre del Veguer, which I had printed on canvas as a gift of gratitude for our friend, Marjorie, the birthday girl.

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Procreate, iColorama, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil
Partial progress video:

Next Door

imageYea, Annyth and I have been vacationing our butts off! Last week we visited two of the nine Azorean islands, Terceira and São Miguel. For the past few days of our second and final week of unbelievable fun, we’ve been hanging out with a group of 17 people at a villa on the outskirts of Sitges, Spain in the Penedès wine and cava region in Catalonia. One of us, Marjorie, is celebrating her 60th birthday, the other 16 of us have been invited to make sure she enjoys herself. Today we visited the winery located right next door, Torre del Veguer, and had an enjoyable tasting and pairing. I hyperlinked the winery’s website so that you can see the details for yourself; in the meantime, all 17 of us are going to continue sampling the wine we purchased in preparation for the seafood paella cooking class/dinner that we’re having tonight right here at the Can Pares villa. If we need an additional reminder of our winery tour, all we’ll need to do is look right over the fence.

Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil