Winding Down with the Parranderos Latin Combo (PLC)

My last Friday night here in Des Moines, IA was positively electrified by the Parranderos Latin Combo (PLC) at Vaudeville Mews.  Just last December at the Moberg Gallery I saw them perform – and even “illustrablogged” on it! These guys are going places, literally, check this out!!!  Something tells me I’ll be seeing Fernando Aveiga and the PLC in the future.


Evening with Parranderos Latin Combo (PLC)

Thought it would be fun to do a one, long, crooked line drawing, and then go back with just a little color. The subjects are the Parranderos Latin Combo, who performed last night at the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, IA to raise additional money for their upcoming trip to record an album in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Grammy award winning producer, Ramon Martinez. My friend Fernando Aveiga, musician entrepreneur, animates this project in collaboration with a constellation of co-stars.