Little Boxes, Armour Hot Dogs, Earworms, & Neti Pots

Let’s see; how did this drawing come about?


That recurring moment when you have the song Little Boxes running through your head and it keeps turning into the Armour Hot Dogs theme song

Earlier today, for no apparent reason, I found myself, no, heard myself thinking about the tune, Little Boxes, (1962 song by Malvina Reynolds) made famous first by Pete Seeger in 1963 and then more recently by the Showtime television series Weeds.  Now, for the record, back in August of 2009 I crafted and posted a related YouTube video with my own sound track, a variation of Little Boxes, because I was so taken by the song. However, this morning, each time I tried to hum along with Little Boxes, as it was being rendered to me by my own unique stuck song syndrome, the melody would morph into the Armour Hot Dog theme song, as portrayed in the 1967 TV commercial.  Think about it. Hum along: Little BoxesArmour Hotdogs.  OK, that’s enough. Quit while you’re ahead!

There is nothing worse than an earworm that starts off one way and undergoes a metamorphous inside your head before it goes on…and on…and makes itself at home.

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