BIG CHECK: Inaugural Post, An Arbitrary Starting Point

I’ve been told I use my hands a lot when I talk. Maybe that’s because I consider language as my back-up medium. Give me a lump of clay, a chunk of wood, paper and pencil, iMovie, PowerPoint, iPhoto, and most recently, an iPad, a drawing app like Fifty Three Paper, and a stylus, and I then ask me if I have anything to “say.”

I’ve always been intrigued by those photo-ops in which people are giving and receiving funding and BIG, ENORMOUS checks are used.  You’ve seen them.  I assembled a few into one image, and at first I called it Big Check.


Prenatal Outcomes: Tangible financial capital investments intended to be converted into outcomes desired by the community

Then, I guess because of my work in planning and evaluation, I renamed it, Prenatal Outcomes.

The idea of the “big check” stuck with me, and a couple of weeks ago, I drew the following on my first generation iPad using  Fifty Three Paper.


Betty was slightly annoyed that her benefactors hadn’t given her a regular check after the press conference.

It could happen.

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