Looking Back

Earlier today I heard Terry Gross on Fresh Air interview Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and author of Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America; click here to listen to that interview, access the transcript, and purchase the book if you’re so inclined. Wylie outlines how in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election in the United States Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, teams of well-financed social scientists, and some sophisticated Facebook algorithms targeted and harnessed the residual power of an interesting demographic, i.e., straight white men who felt humiliated and emasculated by marginalizing forces well beyond their control. They were manipulated and promised a return to an imaginary golden era that fortunately never existed. I’m considering getting the book. The title says it all! The interview prompted this:

an iPad drawing using Sketch Club and iColorama

While I was eating

Back in early May 2019 I attended an all-day conference held at Stanford University, and so I went up the day before to have a relaxing meal and get a good night sleep. That evening I was lucky to find a restaurant right across the street from the hotel in Palo Alto, CA called Siam Fine Thai Cuisine. As usual, I took my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which I used while I slowly sipped my beer and ate my pad Thai with tofu. There were folks sitting to my left next to the window, and they became that evening’s practice in the Sketch Club app. When the owners saw what I was doing, they got curious. I showed them the piece, and they liked it enough to express interest in obtaining a copy. Check back to see an image of the wall hanging at Siam Fine Thai Cuisine. Here’s the piece:

While I Was Eating at Siam Fine Thai Cuisine

Incidentally, the conference was called iRelaunch. It was a valuable experience, and I highly recommend it for people who’ve had to step away from their profession(s) briefly for one reason or another. Click here for more information about the iRelaunch Conferences and Carol Fishman Cohen:

One relatively comical take away from the conference was this drawing in Paper 53. A panelist suggested that it’s important to get dressed and to make yourself presentable everyday while you are in the job-search mode…even if it generally takes long for you to look natural (anywhere)!

Whatever It Takes

Here’s another one that I just had to get out of my system

The tipping point was this Washington Post article; however, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been bothered by those who think they can hide their hypocracies behind their “pro-life” signs, especially when it comes to this idiotic wall! See also: https://portfoliolongo.com/2016/04/02/big-wall/

Visiting South Africa: July 2018

This past July (2018) Annyth and I spent a week at Zulu Nyala, a private game reserve near Hluhluwe Kwazulu Natal. We were lucky; we managed to see all five of Africa’s big five game animals: lion, leopard, rhinoceros (black and white), elephant, and the African buffalo. We saw plenty of others as well – up close! Beforehand, we spent a week and a half first in Cape Town and then in Johannesburg, where we toured with an old friend, Ruth, whom we hadn’t seen for 25 years.

Annyth, Ruth, and I met in 1989 in Washington, DC at American University, where the three of us were graduate students in anthropology. Ruth is from Johannesburg and still lives in Johannesburg. Learn more about Ruth here. With the exception of a few emails and maybe a Skype call several years ago, we had no contact with Ruth, but we somehow always regarded her as a dear friend. So it wasn’t a surprise that, after a quarter of a century, our time with Ruth was spectacularly awesome. We got to meet her partner, Toni; her colleague, Meryl; her brother, Jonathan and his family; others as well; plus, we got to see Cape Town and Johannesburg through Ruth’s eyes to a large extent. It turns out that our friendship had quietly grown over the years, and now because of our reunion, it’ll continue to grow for years to come.

Here’s the image I sent Ruth a week or so before Annyth and I showed up in South Africa: {Please click on all images to enlarge.}

They didn’t really put this sign up…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

Getting there by air…(practice/play time with my iPad Pro and mainly the Sketch Club drawing/painting ap:

On the runway…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

Still waiting…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

Some guy in Atlanta also going on our 13 hour flight…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

Started wondering…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

Cape Town, Robben Island:

Rainbow Ruth in Muizenberg…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on image to enlarge)

South African penguins: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama (click on the rest of these images to enlarge, ok?)

Our guide at Robben Island Museum, a former political prisoner himself…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Short hop to Richards Bay from Johannesburg:

Short Hop from Joburg to Richards Bay

Zulu Nyala:

Giraffes…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Impala…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Zebra…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

The noble warthog…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Hippo…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Elephant…(She co-stared in the video below) iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

You just have to see this:

ok, back to my iPad drawing:

Rhino (white)…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Lion…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

Our tent…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, Procreate, and iColorama

Our excellent guide, Chris (senior)…iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, and iColorama

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Newtonion Sketch Club iPad Art

I’ve been thinking about Newton’s 3rd law of physics, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, a law that apparently can be broken, “in certain nonequilibrium (out-of-balance) situations.”

Hey, I think we’re in one of those situations.

click on image to enlarge

A Gallery of Trump or Trump-Related Illustrations: 2014-2018

Well over 100, and counting, of my digital (iPad) cartoons, doodles, and photo-mashups about this nightmare, dating back to late 2014: This Post has been converted into a Page (See above) called Trump Gallery since it keeps on growing.


click on image to enlarge

Heavens to Betsy: Deregulate this!

I’m just going to say it. These folks are deep-down frightened. They see what’s unfolding, and no matter how hard they slam on the brakes, there’s no stopping the inevitable demographic and economic changes and the corresponding cultural diversification and darkening of our collective pigmentation. Right now all they can do is wall themselves off economically, skim off as much as possible for themselves, take refuge in their own amnesia, and throw it in reverse.

Beer context: Pine and Palm’s Pacific Coast Porter
17th Street Pub
Sketch Club, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

Click on image to enlarge

Transubstantiation & Optical Delusion

Once in a while I can’t help seeing our current excremental political situation from the standpoint of the opposition. For example, just yesterday I saw a tweet with a link to an actual story about how American evangelicals could overlook this so-called president’s sexual relations with a porn star because he was subsequently ordained by “God” to become POTUS. How could the views be so different?

What explains the perceptual and conceptual polarization? I came up with the following explanation, a variation on an earlier explanation.

The earlier explanation:

Words escape me.