Old Main, Wash, PA

A rough, very free-hand, sketch of W&J’s Old Main on a beautiful October day in Paper 53 with an iColorama tweak and an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro using a personal photo reference and accompanied by 1802 Cream Ale on nitro right here at the Rusty Gold Brewing in my hometown, Canonsburg, PA.  The bartender asked me if I had any prints on me for sale. I did; a little paper print of this image from this post. She bought one and put in on a shelf; see below. Awesome, eh? Down below, check out my painting in the Procreate app of the Washington Trust Building as seen from W&J’s campus in Washington, PA. (See related post related to Jefferson College and Washington & Jefferson College.)

Check out their logo. Maybe this is why they selected one of my truck images.

Washington Trust Building done in Procreate (click on image to enlarge)


Katrinaversary & St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Annyth and I picked up 2 prints from Cuba that we had framed and then stopped off at the 17th St. Pub for a beer and some take out from J&R Tacos. I had a St. Peter’s Cream Stout that I snapped an iPhoto shot of because I thought I might try sketching it once I got home. (Nuffs been said about the 10th anniversary of Katrina, which we experienced first hand…well while on forced evacuation via CNN.)


Procreate. Note: I partially traced over the label on a separate layer…only the label, the rest is a freehand sketch using the above mentioned photo reference, as shown in this progress video.

Heavy Heart

I sat down at the 17th Street Public House, and one Black Butte Porter later, this one popped out:

Heavy Heart

Astor Piazolla…bandoneón…

Reference photo. Progress video.

w/ head?

This evening, while sipping a beer at the 17th St. Public House, I began this drawing. Even though I was half-way through that tasty brew, I added a foamy head on top.

Now, as I post this from home, I’m reminded of a story that always makes me chuckle. Many years ago and in a country south of the equator a small group of us guys would gather at a little bar at the end of the day to blow off steam and just be in our twenties. The short, elderly woman who ran the joint and spoke English as a foreign language would always greet us at our table with a big smile and a wide tray loaded with bottled beer and glasses. As she poured the beer into our glasses, she’d asked each one of us – face to face – if we wanted our beer with head.

We always said yes. We laughed alright, but never in her face.

w/ head?