Heavens to Betsy: Deregulate this!

I’m just going to say it. These folks are deep-down frightened. They see what’s unfolding, and no matter how hard they slam on the brakes, there’s no stopping the inevitable demographic and economic changes and the corresponding cultural diversification and darkening of our collective pigmentation. Right now all they can do is wall themselves off economically, skim off as much as possible for themselves, take refuge in their own amnesia, and throw it in reverse.

Beer context: Pine and Palm’s Pacific Coast Porter
17th Street Pub
Sketch Club, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

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Tanisha’s Rainy Merced Morning

“Merced Main Street, after the rain and before the sun. So peaceful and beautiful in its own right.” These words set the stage for this photograph (as in click here to see it) from Tanisha’s Facebook page (via Instagram…Cf. @ quichefairy). With her permission I downloaded (and credited) her photo and used it liberally as a side-by-side reference to produce the following digital, freehand study on my iPad in Procreate. If I’ve tagged it properly and thoroughly, you’ll see suggested links below or, at least, a bunch of tags down there to other posts featuring downtown Merced, CA and, in particular, the 17th Street Public House, where Tanisha performs – among other places. Please check out her photo; my rendition barely approximates the beauty that Tanisha caught by surprise!

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Quadradoodle 2

OK, these Sketch Club kaleidoscopic, snapshot images are habit forming! There’s something very appealing and tranquilizing about doing them.


I modified the original image, see below, in iColorama.


I’m thinking handkerchiefs…

Katrinaversary & St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Annyth and I picked up 2 prints from Cuba that we had framed and then stopped off at the 17th St. Pub for a beer and some take out from J&R Tacos. I had a St. Peter’s Cream Stout that I snapped an iPhoto shot of because I thought I might try sketching it once I got home. (Nuffs been said about the 10th anniversary of Katrina, which we experienced first hand…well while on forced evacuation via CNN.)


Procreate. Note: I partially traced over the label on a separate layer…only the label, the rest is a freehand sketch using the above mentioned photo reference, as shown in this progress video.

Taxi in front of Hemingway’s Finca Vigía in Cuba

Like I said, they’re everywhere; well, in Cuba at least. I snapped a shot of this enormous Cadillac taxi, in front of Finca Vigía, a museum now, where Ernest Heminingway lived from 1939 to 1960. The Finca is located in San Francisco de Paula, a small town about 10 miles from Havana.
Here’s a rendering of that taxi done in Procreate with a Sty-HD stylus using the photo referenced above…side by side, freehand.

Heavy Heart

I sat down at the 17th Street Public House, and one Black Butte Porter later, this one popped out:

Heavy Heart

Astor Piazolla…bandoneón…

Reference photo. Progress video.

Merced Theatre PM Tower

I started this illustration over two beers and under ten conversations last night at the 17th Street Public House. I finished it on my side of our Ragsdale king size bed. I had snapped an iPhone picture of the subject beforehand and used it as a side-by-side reference for a free-right-hand drawing in Procreate; my left hand facilitated the beer delivery.

Merced Theatre PM Tower

Ragsdale Home

This Merced house, which I’ve been told is among the oldest in the Ragsdale neighborhood – built some time in the 1920s – is just down the street from us and on my dog-walking route. So I get to see it at least twice a day, if not more. It has a flat roof except for two small sections, which are covered by ceramic tile very likely made at the California Pottery Company, Merced.


Technical: I used a reference photo taken from my iPhone, which I then displayed on an external monitor while I sketched it freehand on my iPad in Procreate. I use the “cloud” brush in Procreate to do the trees and shrubs; I couldn’t do that in Paper 53.

I made a few small changes when producing this card for the home owner: