Heavens to Betsy: Deregulate this!

I’m just going to say it. These folks are deep-down frightened. They see what’s unfolding, and no matter how hard they slam on the brakes, there’s no stopping the inevitable demographic and economic changes and the corresponding cultural diversification and darkening of our collective pigmentation. Right now all they can do is wall themselves off economically, skim off as much as possible for themselves, take refuge in their own amnesia, and throw it in reverse.

Beer context: Pine and Palm’s Pacific Coast Porter
17th Street Pub
Sketch Club, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

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More on Language and Grammar

I love language even though it’s my back-up medium; and even though I’m fascinated by grammar, what I love even more is how language keeps trying to escape from grammar, i.e., langue here parole there (See Ferdinand de Saussure). We’re all sorta’ bilingual in this regard. We’re code switchers, better yet. Under certain circumstances our grammar can let its hair down and play it by ear; but occasionally we gotta polish it up, comb its hair, and hope it’s as compliant as possible.

It’s like it is the way it is when the way it is says so, which means it could be this way or that way or this way and that way both rolled up into an overarching it is what it is-ness!


Hit it Duke! Listen to a 1943 recording of It Don’t Mean a Thing, Duke Ellington (1931)

Remember Diagramming Sentences?

It took some real carpentry skills to diagram sentences back in the day, didn’t it? Not only did you need to know grammar, but then you had to build a contraption on which each and every part of speech could rest in suspended animation indefinitely, correctly, and comfortably! It wasn’t easy. Imagine building this one!!!