Guardate la bella luna

The other night, after we went to see Dunkirk, now that’s patriotism, and had a beer at the 17th St. Pub, we strolled over to Bella Luna for another beer and some great grub. On the way out Ann snapped a shot of the Bella Luna food truck out front. She’s got such a good eye! She’s always on the look out for cool things that I might draw on my iPad.

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Done mostly in Paper 53.

Side by side, free-hand, digital painting in Paper 53

When I think of Bella Luna, besides good food, drink, and atmosphere, I think of this scene from from Moonstruck. Please enjoy.

Tanisha’s Rainy Merced Morning

“Merced Main Street, after the rain and before the sun. So peaceful and beautiful in its own right.” These words set the stage for this photograph (as in click here to see it) from Tanisha’s Facebook page (via Instagram…Cf. @ quichefairy). With her permission I downloaded (and credited) her photo and used it liberally as a side-by-side reference to produce the following digital, freehand study on my iPad in Procreate. If I’ve tagged it properly and thoroughly, you’ll see suggested links below or, at least, a bunch of tags down there to other posts featuring downtown Merced, CA and, in particular, the 17th Street Public House, where Tanisha performs – among other places. Please check out her photo; my rendition barely approximates the beauty that Tanisha caught by surprise!

(Click on image to enlarge to full size: 2048 X 2048.)


Katrinaversary & St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Annyth and I picked up 2 prints from Cuba that we had framed and then stopped off at the 17th St. Pub for a beer and some take out from J&R Tacos. I had a St. Peter’s Cream Stout that I snapped an iPhoto shot of because I thought I might try sketching it once I got home. (Nuffs been said about the 10th anniversary of Katrina, which we experienced first hand…well while on forced evacuation via CNN.)


Procreate. Note: I partially traced over the label on a separate layer…only the label, the rest is a freehand sketch using the above mentioned photo reference, as shown in this progress video.

Merced Theatre PM Tower

I started this illustration over two beers and under ten conversations last night at the 17th Street Public House. I finished it on my side of our Ragsdale king size bed. I had snapped an iPhone picture of the subject beforehand and used it as a side-by-side reference for a free-right-hand drawing in Procreate; my left hand facilitated the beer delivery.

Merced Theatre PM Tower

w/ head?

This evening, while sipping a beer at the 17th St. Public House, I began this drawing. Even though I was half-way through that tasty brew, I added a foamy head on top.

Now, as I post this from home, I’m reminded of a story that always makes me chuckle. Many years ago and in a country south of the equator a small group of us guys would gather at a little bar at the end of the day to blow off steam and just be in our twenties. The short, elderly woman who ran the joint and spoke English as a foreign language would always greet us at our table with a big smile and a wide tray loaded with bottled beer and glasses. As she poured the beer into our glasses, she’d asked each one of us – face to face – if we wanted our beer with head.

We always said yes. We laughed alright, but never in her face.

w/ head?