Tanisha’s Rainy Merced Morning

“Merced Main Street, after the rain and before the sun. So peaceful and beautiful in its own right.” These words set the stage for this photograph (as in click here to see it) from Tanisha’s Facebook page (via Instagram…Cf. @ quichefairy). With her permission I downloaded (and credited) her photo and used it liberally as a side-by-side reference to produce the following digital, freehand study on my iPad in Procreate. If I’ve tagged it properly and thoroughly, you’ll see suggested links below or, at least, a bunch of tags down there to other posts featuring downtown Merced, CA and, in particular, the 17th Street Public House, where Tanisha performs – among other places. Please check out her photo; my rendition barely approximates the beauty that Tanisha caught by surprise!

(Click on image to enlarge to full size: 2048 X 2048.)


4 thoughts on “Tanisha’s Rainy Merced Morning

    • Janette, you’re right about Tanisha’s photo, and thanks for the observation regarding the “soft pastel looking” drawing in this post. My drawings go off in so many different directions that I almost literally can’t keep up with them. I send them out like little messages in bottles, never knowing if anyone will find one washing ashore nearby or on the other side of the planet. I’m so glad you’re out there, and I so appreciate your frequent messages back reminding me that, though I may feel alone at times on my island, there’s at least another island out there with a kind soul, an artist’s vision, and a teacher’s heart.

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      • Thank you for your lovely comment Paul. You may see this before, you see my just published post, where I mention about turning my comments off. I explain it in length. I do value our chats we have had thus far and we’ll still be able catch up for a hello on your blog and perhaps via my facebook artist page; if you happen to drop by. 🙂 Also I have put a link to your blog and to your RedBubble Shop on the post I just published. All the best, Janette

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