Under Construction

Somg 35 odd years ago in Pittsburgh, PA I learned an expression that came to mind the other day while I was stopped dead in my tracks heading west on Olive Avenue in Merced, CA. “The shortest distance between two points is under construction.” The expression has come up before on this illustroblog, click here for further details.

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I used an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil in Procreate on this.


My 3rd Merced Art Hop 

October 15, 2016, Brightdart Print & Design, 528 W. Main St., Merced, CA

This time I dragged along an easel to hold my iPad and positioned myself out front on the sidewalk, which coaxed a few people into the shop, where I had paper, canvas, and metal prints for sale. As night fell, I drew this portion of Main St.. A colleague of mine at the Enrichment Center, Ashlee, was tabling right next door; so, I had a familiar subject in a familiar setting. Next time I’d like to add a larger monitor or even project the unfolding image onto a wall or screen.

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iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Paper by Fifty Three

Merced Art Hop

Almost two weeks ago I participated in – as an artist – my first Merced Art Hop (MAH). I was stationed at Binary Systems Computer Repair on the corner of Main St. and M St. in downtown Merced, CA.. About 20 people stopped in to chat and see prints on canvas and paper of my digital, iPad drawings. I learned a lot, sold a piece, and got an order for a larger canvas print of one of the images. As folks strolled by, I sketched these two drawings of my view shed in Procreate (with final touches in iColorama).

corner of main & m

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