Water Tower Down There Again

Several times a day I see that Water Tower Down There Again and again. It’s the same water tower I’ve rendered over and over, please click here to see the other renderings. I usually see it while I’m walking Cowboy, and since it’s located between us and the sunrise to the east, the views are generally more dramatic on our morning walks. I cherish that water tower in ways that encapsulate and set me free.

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iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Sketch Club, iColorama, and Procreate

Sunrise behind the Water Tower

If I’m lucky, when I take Cowboy over to Rahilly Park for his morning constitutional, I can catch the sun coming up as I cross El Portal in relation to the Water Tower next to the Merced County Fire Department, McKee Station. This morning the timing was just right, and I captured it on my iPhone. I had been wanting to sketch that scene in a digital drawing using Procreate. Today was the day. In a previous post I featured the same water tower from a different angle and at another time of day in a drawing in Paper 53.

Sunrise behind the water tower

Sunrise behind the water tower Click image to enlarge to full size – 3508 x 2480 © Paul J. Longo

Water Tower

The Water Tower near the Merced County Fire Department, McKee Station, on which is written (in lettering much finer than depicted here) Merced, Gateway to Yosemite is not very far from Yang’s Produce Stand right there on McKee.

I’m intrigued by this water tower for some reason. When I drive by and stare at it, I’m afraid I’m going to cause an accident. So I thought I’d get some of it out of my system by trying to illustrate it in its beautiful setting.

Merced Water Tower