Sunrise behind the Water Tower

If I’m lucky, when I take Cowboy over to Rahilly Park for his morning constitutional, I can catch the sun coming up as I cross El Portal in relation to the Water Tower next to the Merced County Fire Department, McKee Station. This morning the timing was just right, and I captured it on my iPhone. I had been wanting to sketch that scene in a digital drawing using Procreate. Today was the day. In a previous post I featured the same water tower from a different angle and at another time of day in a drawing in Paper 53.

Sunrise behind the water tower

Sunrise behind the water tower Click image to enlarge to full size – 3508 x 2480 © Paul J. Longo

2 thoughts on “Sunrise behind the Water Tower

    • Thanks for visiting Kevin and commenting. Now that I’m more comfortable with Procreate and some of its brushes and techniques, I’m doing more landscapes and having more fun doing them. I might even go back to some drawings in Paper 53 and tweak them using Procreate.


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