Merced Art Hop Flyer Artwork – July 15, 2017

It’s a few days after the fact, but I thought I’d post a story about how one of my digital paintings became the poster/flyer for the Merced Art Hop, July 15, 2017. It all started back in May of this year (2107), when Kevin Hammon, one of the two founders of Art Hop, click here for details, contacted me and asked if I’d put together a drawing for the flyer for the upcoming July Art Hop. Kevin and Kimberly Zamora hadn’t ever asked an Art Hop artist to do the artwork for the Art Hop flyers; they wondered if I’d be interested in the opportunity to do something to convey “…the July Art Hop theme:’Environment & Renewable Energy’….” Indeed, I was interested and excited; but, it took me a few days to get back to Kevin. In a subsequent phone conversation Kevin elaborated on the renewable-energy theme and listed a few of the energy sponsors, and right away an image came to mind. Within minutes I cranked out the following in Tayasui Sketches (the actual Art Hop Flyer flyer can be found below the original,artwork):

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

What a treat, especially since I was a Merced Art Hop artist, stationed at Cue Spot Billiards, at this quarterly event on July 15, 2017.

Old TV Shows and nihil moderate

I don’t usually name names, so I won’t identify any of the other members who make up a clandestine cell of hedonists known as the NIMs, which stands for Nothing in Moderation or nihil moderate, NIMSTERS, Nimsticals, Nimrods, Nimphiles, and quite a few other clever monikers. Members of this profligate group of revelers, while not armed, should be considered dangerous, when it comes food and drink. I am a member of this group; there are others, and that’s all I’ll say.

Ideally, we meet in person at semi-annual, extravagant NIMfests; however, in recent years we’ve been forced to convene online. Our NIMfests usually have themes. Several years ago, for example, bacon was our theme; this year one of our themes was TV Shows.

My contribution to this year’s NIMfest is a series of four digital, iPad drawings all done in Procreate over the span of 10 hours on December 30, 2016.

All in the Family

All in the Family

Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hillbillies

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Hogan's Heros

Hogan’s Heros


Branta sandvicensis, also known as nēnē and Hawaiian goose, is a species of goose found on the Hawaiian Islands. We certainly saw our share. They’re tagged because they’re endangered. I wanted a proper reference photo, and did I ever hit the jackpot with this one on Flickr.


iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate


Hybrid Hibiscus at Kuaui’s NTBG

Annyth and I were both enchanted by the conspicuous subject of this iPad painting in Procreate, a hybrid hibiscus at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kalaheo, Hawaii on Kaua’i. It was about 12 inches in diameter and had enough texture and color to elicit a deep silence.
hybrid hibiscus

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

My 3rd Merced Art Hop 

October 15, 2016, Brightdart Print & Design, 528 W. Main St., Merced, CA

This time I dragged along an easel to hold my iPad and positioned myself out front on the sidewalk, which coaxed a few people into the shop, where I had paper, canvas, and metal prints for sale. As night fell, I drew this portion of Main St.. A colleague of mine at the Enrichment Center, Ashlee, was tabling right next door; so, I had a familiar subject in a familiar setting. Next time I’d like to add a larger monitor or even project the unfolding image onto a wall or screen.

click on image to enlarge

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Paper by Fifty Three

At the Bar for Hours

A couple of days ago I woke up and found that my iPad Pro hadn’t charged at all even though it was plugged in all night long. A subsequent series of frustrating online chats and telephone calls with several technicians, and even a brand new, replacement iPad Pro that, for some reason, wouldn’t allow me to restore two recent backups from my iTunes drove me to the nearest bar! Yes, the Genius Bar, 35 miles away.

I’m up and running again, thank goodness (and Apple Care), but I did have to spend several hours at the bar trouble shooting. Plan A didn’t work. Plan B didn’t work. Finally, Plan C worked; and I walked away with most of my data, a new device, and this image, which I started in Sketch Club and finished in Procreate.

At the bar for hours