The Mural that Ate the City

They’re taking over some cities and towns, intra- and extra-murally. There’s a bit of a Blue light special. Don’t get me wrong’ I generally like’me.

Click for full image: 2048 x 1536

Click for full image: 2048 x 1536

Technical: I inductively started, practically finished, and penultimately exported as a jpeg the main drawing in Tayasui Sketches. Then I imported it three times on three different layers into Sketch Club, transforming it twice for placement on the opposing walls. In Sketch Club it’s pretty easy to “transform” images without much interference in positioning. I accommodated the layers in Sketch Club by erasing here and smudging there. Then, finally, I sharpened the exported composite image in iColorama.

At the Bar for Hours

A couple of days ago I woke up and found that my iPad Pro hadn’t charged at all even though it was plugged in all night long. A subsequent series of frustrating online chats and telephone calls with several technicians, and even a brand new, replacement iPad Pro that, for some reason, wouldn’t allow me to restore two recent backups from my iTunes drove me to the nearest bar! Yes, the Genius Bar, 35 miles away.

I’m up and running again, thank goodness (and Apple Care), but I did have to spend several hours at the bar trouble shooting. Plan A didn’t work. Plan B didn’t work. Finally, Plan C worked; and I walked away with most of my data, a new device, and this image, which I started in Sketch Club and finished in Procreate.

At the bar for hours