As Seen on TV

As I mentioned in a previous post, click here for details, I’ve been gearing up to teach digital (iPad) art as an “enrichment” component in select classrooms that may or may not be near you. It’s a public school setting, so obviously I can’t be peddling my own ideological biases in any way, shape, or form, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I originally proposed Paper by 53 and Tayasui Sketches as the drawing/painting apps that I’d use; however, both of them scored so low in the student-privacy-protection evaluation that I had to come up with 2 substitutes. We ended up with Procreate, the full version, and the “educational” version of Autodesk SketchBook. I’m somewhat familiar with SketchBook Pro; it’s comparable to Procreate, but SketchBook for Education has fewer features. So last night I wanted to play around with those features, and this is what I managed to crank out:

Obviously, you can import and even scan in images. It has layers. You can cut, paste, move, and resize, but you can’t distort. There’s no smudge tool and only a limited number of brushes and pens. Still, there’s more than enough to work with, and I just might start with SketchBook for Education and then introduce Procreate.


Yesterday a co-member of the Mobile Artists Collective, a Facebook group that I belong to, posted an image that intrigued me so much that I felt I had to try drawing it myself, and luckily, Janis Bradenburg Lee gave me permission to use her image as a reference for a digital drawing and to share a little background on the image that she posted. Here’s my rendition of Janis’ image as drawn in Procreate:

click on image to enlarge to full size, 2048 X 2048

click on image to enlarge to full size, 2048 X 2048

And here’s the image that Janis created in iColorama and Repox and posted:
The original photo, from Pixabay, is here:
As I mention to Janis when I contacted her to request permission for me to use her image as a reference for a drawing and to post all this on my illustroblog, what she had crafted and posted called my attention for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of the colors, expression, and effects. I hope to do more like this.

Celebrating Soil Chemistry and More: Professor Samuel J. Traina

What a unique, April 9, 2016 event! A combination 60th birthday celebration, soil chemistry symposium, and dinner…all in one! A couple of Professor Traina’s former graduate students, along with a handful of local helpers, organized the surprise event to celebrate his academic career (to date). Currently, Sam is Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development at U.C. Merced. Additional former graduate students, a former professor, and several colleagues from around the country and beyond traveled in and joined a small cohort of Sam’s administrative colleagues at U.C. Merced along with a few family members and friends for preprandials, prepared talks, poster presentations, and, of course, ample roasting in the California Room on the campus of U.C. Merced.

I wasn’t carrying my iPad, but I did have with me what I call my Whiteberry, a leather index card and ink pen holder, which I used to produce this:

When I got home, I inserted a photo of that image into Procreate on my iPad Pro, and with the help of another photo import, my Apple Pencil, and iColorama, I generated this graphic record of such a heart warming event:
soil conservation & 60 year

Parsons Ave. Ferry

Although an obscure one, the Trans-Bear-Creek Ferry is among the proposed alternatives to link Merced’s north shore with its south shore.
Parsons Ave. Ferry

Technical: This started as a screen shot of a street-level Google Earth image, processed in My Sketch on my iPad, and then further modified in Procreate.

Let us pray…

The house across the street is undergoing some renovations, and little by little they’re hauling away what they’re replacing. From my seat at the breakfast table, horizons spanning a quarter of a century are fused per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.



Side by Side Knots. Hey, An Owl?

I hope I’m only a few hours from finishing this. You see, I found a scrap piece of wood, a 4 X 4 X ?28? Piece of cedar at Lowes. Got it for 50¢ since it had two big old knots, which reminded my of eyes…owl eyes. Problem is, I do pencils, not owls…so I’m really playing this one by ear!


Saturday Afternoon Pub

My layers got out of control. I ended up just going with the Procreate flow, backwash is more like it.
It started when Annyth and I made a relatively unexpected stop at the 17th Street Public House for a porter, no make that two for each of us after squeezing in a couple of delivered tacos from J&R Tacos at halftime. Yea, it became an outing.
And there I was staring at a cool Dogfish Head tap head, which I photographed, brought home, and started playing with. Part of that photo remains in today’s image, but that particular portion – and the drawing itself – kept resizing themselves within their layers. At any rate, here’s where I decided to draw the line and scream kaput!