Let me get this straight…

I’ve begun a formal process, one that I’ll elaborate on in due time. Suffice it to say that this process requires some reflection, and that this illustration is an autobiographical by-product of that reflection. I won’t include any analysis of this real event in my life at this particular point, but I do hope to so as soon as I’m able to coax out a pattern or two.

This drawing was done on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil and Paper by Fifty Three.

Learning To Walk By Rolling With Health

I’ve never reblogged anything, so I hope I’m doing it right. Why am I reblogging this post? I’m doing it in the names of learning and inspiration for the few special people who follow my illustroblog.

Check out my niece’s blog as she literally learns how to walk again as a writer, an adult, a person living with MS. If you’re like me, you’ll learn something about your path and how you make your way on your journey more gracefully. She’ll crack you up too; that’s kinda’ a family thing.


It’s been almost 4 months since I began using my dynamic bracing system to improve my gait. Apparently it takes more than 15 weeks to reverse a 5 year physical decline which means…

Shit’s getting serious.

Gone are the quick and dirty, “Look I can stand up longer,” or “Holy cow, guess how many steps I’m walking now?” success moments. Now every new gain (no matter how small) that my body experiences has to be integrated before another gain reveals itself to me.  If I rush it, my body reacts badly.

  • The first time I walked a mile without stopping to sit, my back went out and kept me sidelined for a week.
  • The first time I walked 10,000 steps in one day, the excruciating joint my pain that followed almost kept me from climbing the steps in my home safely.
  • The Sensory Motor Amnesia pain that accompanies the stretching of a usually contracted muscle…

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Coming to a Classroom near You

I’m making some arrangements and visiting four different classrooms so as to teach digital iPad art; working with an assistant superintendent, at least two coordinators, and four elementary, middle, and high teachers; dealing with IT Infrastructure and separate networks in two local school district and the county school district; assessing student interest; getting a feel for enrichment art in special education; and playing all this by ear with somewhere between four and 14 iPads that will somehow show up charged and updated with approved drawing/painting apps and maybe even individual students folders in the cloud to hold the resulting image files until maybe some of them can be posted on social media or printed and, who knows, maybe even some of these can be entered into art shows.

Here’s a four minute drawing of the busy high school classroom I visited today, where I might be working once or twice a week with 3 or 4 students during the 3rd period.

Paper 53, iColorama, iPad Pro, Sty HD stylus since my Apple Pencil was playing hocky.

Lesson Pre-Plan

These drawing apps are complicated; sometimes in their potential simplicity, sometimes in their actual complexity. I’m working on a lesson for my next class focusing on ONLY two of the many Sketches tools, the mechanical pencil and the airbrush. This is currently the only app we’re working with.
We’ll do some warm-ups and then practice settings in size and opacity for each, then play around with some simple figures, e.g., cube, sphere, cone, etc. along with some strokes, movements, and feels. Then we’ll attempt the eye again using only these two tools.
annyth's beautiful eye

Sketches, Sty-HD stylus

The Virtual Two-Way Looking Glass: Marketing 101

Got a long way to go in so many ways, especially technique wise! Fortunately, it’s all practice…and, as others have pointed out, there are marketing opportunities all along the way, a new concept for me.  I’d been so focused on getting, renting, somehow finding a work space, a studio if you will, in which to sculpt, carve, or otherwise get muddy, that I was never getting around to doing or making anything! That’s a conundrum and a half! A wise acquaintance came along and suggested that I simply start drawing, illustrating in the meantime. Then, Ann turned me on to Fifty Three Paper, and I haven’t been the same since, literally. As I slowly move forward toward a studio and back to plastic or three-dimensional art, I’m learning new and related things thanks to this iPad drawing app.

There has been a fascinating, transformative, and genuinely ontological learning progression along this trajectory through the zone of proximal development (any Vygotsky fans out there?). As my focus morphed from finding the external space to locating and activating the internal space in which to express myself, I’ve noticed the beginnings of a parallel but counter shift from an internal to an external orientation that is opening me up to questions along the lines of ‘what might be of interest or usefulness to others?’  I’m calling this Marketing 101 for the time being. I’m starting to raise my periscope enough to consider who might be interested in what.

It’s a parallel and reflexive path, and it challenges my ethnographic vocation in more ways than one.  You have a role to play. Check back for further details.