Coming to a Classroom near You

I’m making some arrangements and visiting four different classrooms so as to teach digital iPad art; working with an assistant superintendent, at least two coordinators, and four elementary, middle, and high teachers; dealing with IT Infrastructure and separate networks in two local school district and the county school district; assessing student interest; getting a feel for enrichment art in special education; and playing all this by ear with somewhere between four and 14 iPads that will somehow show up charged and updated with approved drawing/painting apps and maybe even individual students folders in the cloud to hold the resulting image files until maybe some of them can be posted on social media or printed and, who knows, maybe even some of these can be entered into art shows.

Here’s a four minute drawing of the busy high school classroom I visited today, where I might be working once or twice a week with 3 or 4 students during the 3rd period.

Paper 53, iColorama, iPad Pro, Sty HD stylus since my Apple Pencil was playing hocky.

Mr. Walter White, Substitute Teacher, Drivers Ed

J. P. Wynne High School Inter-Office Electronic Mail

TO: Mr. Walter White, Chemistry Department
FROM: Ms. Carmen Molina, Assistant Principal

Walter, I hate to ask you for this favor on such short notice and since, I know, you haven’t been feeling well lately, but Ted had to leave due to a family emergency, and I need you to take his last period Drivers Ed class today. Thanks, I owe you one! Carmen