Coming to a Classroom near You

I’m making some arrangements and visiting four different classrooms so as to teach digital iPad art; working with an assistant superintendent, at least two coordinators, and four elementary, middle, and high teachers; dealing with IT Infrastructure and separate networks in two local school district and the county school district; assessing student interest; getting a feel for enrichment art in special education; and playing all this by ear with somewhere between four and 14 iPads that will somehow show up charged and updated with approved drawing/painting apps and maybe even individual students folders in the cloud to hold the resulting image files until maybe some of them can be posted on social media or printed and, who knows, maybe even some of these can be entered into art shows.

Here’s a four minute drawing of the busy high school classroom I visited today, where I might be working once or twice a week with 3 or 4 students during the 3rd period.

Paper 53, iColorama, iPad Pro, Sty HD stylus since my Apple Pencil was playing hocky.

11 thoughts on “Coming to a Classroom near You

  1. This sounds so exciting Paul; hope it all goes well! Love the drawing – a lively mix of lines, with lovely splashes of colour. Sometimes a quick sketch gets the job done. 🙂 I’m hoping to run a iPad Art Workshop in the local Community House in a couple of months, if there is enough interest. Unfortunately the House couldn’t get a grant to buy some iPads, so that may deter some people…
    As always enjoying your posts… all the best, Janette 🙂


    • That sounds exciting. The logistics involved in this effort are complex since it’s technology in a public school system. We’ll have somewhere between 4 and 14 iPads, not yet determined. Paper 53 and Tayasui Sketches, my originally proposed iPad drawing apps, the ones I currently use at the Enrichment Center, have been rated too low by IT evaluators based on privacy concerns and state standards’ so, I’ll be using Procreate and SketchBook. Art Set Pro scored high, and I could have used it, but you have to be a really painter to use that app! 😉 all these considerations have taken a little over a month to work through, and a few more require further attention.
      When I think of mDAC 2015, 2016, as well as this coming August, and how they have to operate with existing iPad users, it makes a whole lot of sense that they simply send out a concise email ahead of time, a checklist of apps to have purchased or downloaded, do’s and don’ts, and whatever else is needed for the workshops to be a success for the attendees. So, it can be done in many ways. But the important thing is having someone there who is a maestro (maestra) who cares, inspires, unlocks, guides, etc. That’s why I wish I could be an attendee at your upcoming event. It’s evident in every one of your blogposts in word and deed. All the best to you’ and please keep the art and words coming.

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      • Thank you Paul, for your lovely comment!
        It’s great that you are sharing and inspiring others -hmm, may need an apostrophe after the “s”, but it didn’t look right – with your expertise in using art apps, and with (most definitely) your wonderful drawing skills! It would be fun to be able to sit in on each others classes. 🙂

        Not many people seem to realise (yet) the potential of drawing on an iPad, or have ever even seen or heard of it’s possibilities. And sometimes seem to think the app is somehow doing it! You’ve probably come across that also.

        For my workshop “blurb” certainly had to give a thorough list of materials required, and areas to be covered – may share this on a post at some stage. It’s such a new area in art, it was tricky finding just the right word to describe the various activities. Had to tweak a sentence or two, where the Community House Coordinator pointed out I’d used expressions which may not be clear to others… Think I was “waxing too lyrical” in places. 🙂 Rather enjoyed putting the info ad together, a good exercise in being concise – which I think I have difficulty with at times. As per this message!
        Hope you enjoy your day. ~ Janette 🙂


      • Have you considered videotaping your session(s) at the Community House and the posting them on YouTube. I have a friend you has suggested that to me. Your blog posts are so good and helpful. A video would help get the word out about iPad drawing and painting plus all of those life lessons. Just a thought before I hit the sack.

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      • Thank you for your encouraging words about the YouTube possibility. A while back I did consider doing something on YouTube but decided that it may not be something I’d enjoy doing – due largely to lack of time for such things. So not likely to happen anytime soon, however, never say never, may give it some more thought in the future. 🙂 All the best, Janette


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