As Seen on TV

As I mentioned in a previous post, click here for details, I’ve been gearing up to teach digital (iPad) art as an “enrichment” component in select classrooms that may or may not be near you. It’s a public school setting, so obviously I can’t be peddling my own ideological biases in any way, shape, or form, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I originally proposed Paper by 53 and Tayasui Sketches as the drawing/painting apps that I’d use; however, both of them scored so low in the student-privacy-protection evaluation that I had to come up with 2 substitutes. We ended up with Procreate, the full version, and the “educational” version of Autodesk SketchBook. I’m somewhat familiar with SketchBook Pro; it’s comparable to Procreate, but SketchBook for Education has fewer features. So last night I wanted to play around with those features, and this is what I managed to crank out:

Obviously, you can import and even scan in images. It has layers. You can cut, paste, move, and resize, but you can’t distort. There’s no smudge tool and only a limited number of brushes and pens. Still, there’s more than enough to work with, and I just might start with SketchBook for Education and then introduce Procreate.

3 thoughts on “As Seen on TV

  1. Hi Paul, such amusing drawings! 🙂 Love all the experimenting you are doing with the art apps! 🙂 Pity about the educational Sketchbook app not having the smudge tool. Just revisited this app recently, and love it’s smudge tool. I’ve taken pics from another art app into Art Set Pro, just to use the great smudge tools there… Not sure how to get a good smudge happening in Procreate; though sometimes I use the “wet round brush” to get that effect. I’ll be using Sketchbook more. It does have some lovely media, and as it is also available on an Android tablet, this could be handy in a class situation. Cheerio ~ Janette


  2. Hi Janette – Thanks for visiting! Yea, it’s too bad Sketchbook Educational is so stripped down; but, now that I’m in the classroom with as many as four youngsters at a time – each with varying attention spans and energy levels – handling expensive iPads, that so far I’m managing, it’s kinda’ nice to have a limited set of features. We also have Procreate, but I’d like the kids to work with SketchBook Educational for a while longer before we get fancy. As you know, SketchBook Pro just had a big upgrade, and you’re right, it’s got quite a few interesting features. We’ll plod forward along these lines for a while, at least until the end of June, when summer school ends, then we’ll see what happens when the new school year begins in Sept.
    It was a pleasure seeing your recent post and being reminded of the beauty and oneness of this creation through your art and words; plus, that instructional dimension that always accompanies your posts, which brings us back to earth. Looking forward to further exchanges, Paul

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