Some 3-Minute iPad Drawings

Elsewhere on this illustroblog, HERE IN PARTICULAR, I’ve referred to my work at the Enrichment Center (EC), where I’ve taught iPad art to adult artists with developmental disabilities since 2015. The pandemic put an end to our in-person classes and studios, but we’ve continued to meet online a few times a week. On Fridays we meet for timed drawing exercises. Some use traditional tools, e.g., pens, pencils, markers, paper, etc., and others use iPads. We’re shown an object or a photo, we’re given 3 minutes to draw it, and then we take turns showing what we managed to crank out. I have over 60 digital images, and here are a few of them (all done in the Sketch Club app):

Sketches’ Paintbrush & Watercolor Brush Lesson

Here’s a snapshot of yesterday’s digital art class focusing on 2 new brushes, new since we upgraded from the free version to the pro version of Sketches. We spent quite a bit of time on the mechanics of increasing and decreasing both the size and opacity of these two new brushes.

Jan 29 2-16

As an illustration, I had prepared this painting the night before using only Sketches’ paintbrush and watercolor brush:
dig art class

This was a lot to take on, but the folks in the class hung in there and ultimately produced some promising works.

See image for the reference photo credit.
Stay tuned for a closer look at what the Enrichment Centers create.

Lesson Pre-Plan

These drawing apps are complicated; sometimes in their potential simplicity, sometimes in their actual complexity. I’m working on a lesson for my next class focusing on ONLY two of the many Sketches tools, the mechanical pencil and the airbrush. This is currently the only app we’re working with.
We’ll do some warm-ups and then practice settings in size and opacity for each, then play around with some simple figures, e.g., cube, sphere, cone, etc. along with some strokes, movements, and feels. Then we’ll attempt the eye again using only these two tools.
annyth's beautiful eye

Sketches, Sty-HD stylus