Digital Arts with Paul Longo

I’m reblogging this post from the Enrichment Center Artists blog. Please click on the link below so that you can see the slide show of the artists at work in our class. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts with me, especially your pedagogical suggestions, your art-education recommendations, your general lessons learned along these lines, etc., so that I might better serve the Enrichment Center artists. Thank you.

Note: We’re currently using the free version of Sketches.

There is a slideshow of art and artists at end of post.

151211_DigiArts_Class-Paul-mirror_web You can’t see his face, but that’s Paul in the mirror, just right of center at the very tippy top of the frame, cutting off his own head as he photographs his class at work. From left to right, we also see (heads intact) Sue T, Anna R, Visual Arts Teaching Intern Ashlee Chan, Marlen H, Yesenia V, Martha R, and Oscar O.

What’s this? How do you– Ooooh, I get it. Cool!

New technology inspires apprehension in some people, but not in the EC artists.  They’re explorers.  They are used to learning and exploring new ways of artmaking.  The iPad screen is just a new surface, like paper or canvas.  A stylus is just a new tool, like a paintbrush, pencil, or pastel stick.

The Enrichment Center introduced a new Media Arts component this summer. Twice-weekly classes introduced media…

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3 thoughts on “Digital Arts with Paul Longo

  1. Just so wonderful, Paul! Enjoyed my visit to the Enrichment Center (or centre, as we spell it over here in Australia) 🙂 site. By the way, sent you a reply, to your lovely facebook msg, you may not have seen it. All the best, Janette.


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