This Year’s Christmas Letter…PLUS a free holiday music video for the first 10,000 visitors!

Enjoy this year’s letter! Last year, you may recall, the letter was h; but, there was no music. This year is different. Thanks for visiting, and all the very best to you, your family, and loved ones!

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Santa’s Mood, an original holiday tune:


Standard Lobotomy: A 15 Sec. Animation

When we as Americans speak of our crumbling infrastructure, we focus on rusty bridges and other examples of tangible decay and neglect, and we tend to overlook the undesirable, long-term, and initially intangible effects on human capital precipitated by the steady erosion over time of investment in and support for public education.

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mDAC2015: Sketchy SKETCH CLUB Live Model Drawing Snippet

What a treat to have participated in the Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit in Palo Alto, CA this past weekend! And to have a piece selected for and shown at this event, beyond words!

First, I should have my head examined for doing that and posting this on the day before we’re moving across town! So let me get this up and posted before I take leave for a few days; I’ll have to keep this very brief and leave out 99% of what I learned and what went down that actually had an impact on me.

I’ll limit my comments to a session on day #2 of the summit: Figure Drawing with Live Model by Jeremy Sutton, founder of featuring the illustrative Inky Bunny, live model. This was my fist try at SKETCH CLUB, which I had mistakenly identified as ArtRage, which I also like, by the way. However, now that I’ve uncrossed my wires, let me point out more explicitly that I fell in love with Sketch Club because of how gracefully I was introduced to it by Jeremy Sutton, a talented, generous artist and a master teacher. To have covered as much with so many in such a short period of time… well, I’m speechless!

Back to packing and loading! Back in a few days.

Cover Artwork: We Need to Talk, Fergus

A couple of months ago I was asked by a friend, Josh, here in Merced, CA to create an iPad drawing for his group’s new CD, We Need to Talk by Fergus. Once I became familiar with the music and lyrics, I ran an idea by Josh. A dialogue and a few revisions ensued. Now that We Need to Talk by Fergus is available on iTunes, I’m pleased to share the image along with a 46-second video below exploring the evolution of the drawing and featuring a snippet of Track #9: Hold On, Let Go.


Rest in Peace, Cuthbert

On June 2, 2015 a friend and former confrère of mine, Fr. Cuthbert A. Jack, O.S.B., was laid to rest. You can read his obituary here. After his funeral the monks of St. Vincent Archabbey most certainly entoned the Benedictine Ultima, a rendition of which, accompanied by none other than Yo-Yo Ma, can be seen and heard by clicking on this YouTube link. See the Benedictine Ultima lyrics and sheet music below.

(Revised 6/12/15) Thirty five years ago Cuthbert and I – along with something like 13 others – were in the same, unusually large novice class. From that novice class only two remain, one at the abbey and the other at a parish not too far from the abbey. My condolences to them. Astonishingly, Cuthbert was the fifth to die from that group of novices. The others are off doing one thing or another. Read Cuthbert’s obituary; multiply it by 100. Why? He was a character for Christ’s sake!

See the three YouTube videos – inserted below – of Cuthbert making bread.


Procreate, Sty-HD stylus, freehand with photo reference (See obituary or watch progress video.)

Benedictine Ultima

Legal Size Me


According to Annyth, these repeatedly signed, initialized, and dated documents hereby say, “You’re screwed; we’re not.” In just a few days they’ll also mark our reversion back to being home owners after being renters since June of 2008, when we sold our house in New Orleans (see digital story with original soundtrack), which, by the way, was the very last house to sell in the entire Western Hemisphere after the bursting of the housing bubble.

T Minus 599

Click on the arrow in the orange circle, and I’ll play T Minus 599 for you.

What’s this about? I already posted the accompanying image, along with others, around Thanksgiving (2014), and the music is an original tune that I gathered into a single unit and uploaded to SoundCloud today.

See I’m gathering stuff up for a yard sale because we’re moving in about a month, transitioning back to home owners from being renters since 2008. Our new place is almost three miles miles from here. If we could take the Parsons Ave. Ferry, it would be around two and a half miles!