Celebrating Soil Chemistry and More: Professor Samuel J. Traina

What a unique, April 9, 2016 event! A combination 60th birthday celebration, soil chemistry symposium, and dinner…all in one! A couple of Professor Traina’s former graduate students, along with a handful of local helpers, organized the surprise event to celebrate his academic career (to date). Currently, Sam is Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development at U.C. Merced. Additional former graduate students, a former professor, and several colleagues from around the country and beyond traveled in and joined a small cohort of Sam’s administrative colleagues at U.C. Merced along with a few family members and friends for preprandials, prepared talks, poster presentations, and, of course, ample roasting in the California Room on the campus of U.C. Merced.

I wasn’t carrying my iPad, but I did have with me what I call my Whiteberry, a leather index card and ink pen holder, which I used to produce this:

When I got home, I inserted a photo of that image into Procreate on my iPad Pro, and with the help of another photo import, my Apple Pencil, and iColorama, I generated this graphic record of such a heart warming event:
soil conservation & 60 year

The iLighter

I’d been thinking about this one for years.

So, I found a couple of public domain images on line and played around with them, i.e. photo editing, in Procreate and iColorama; and, if you scroll down below,I used VideoShop to tell the story behind all this:


And now, iLighter, the documentary.

olah (עֹלָה)

That which goes up (in smoke). Etymology.


Click on image to enlarge; click here to see it box framed in black 12″ X 17″ (medium also available, 8″ X 11.3″) with an off white matte color.

Preliminary quadrangular drawing done in Sketch Club followed by tweaking and photo editing in Procreate.

Idiosyncratic Splotch: Missing Subjunctive Mood


ArtRage, Procreate, iColorama

I’m circling back to add a comment from Facebook friend and portfoliolongo.com frequent flier, John F., who mustn’t be too off put by this post honoring him. His comment regarding the above image: “Yogi frog on purple lily pad in lovely sea green pool.” Now, why couldn’t I have thought of that?

Quadradoodle 2

OK, these Sketch Club kaleidoscopic, snapshot images are habit forming! There’s something very appealing and tranquilizing about doing them.


I modified the original image, see below, in iColorama.


I’m thinking handkerchiefs…

Rather Big News

I learned today that one of the iPad drawings that I submitted to the mDAC Summit’s Mobile Digital Art & Photography Exhibition was accepted and will be exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center during the month of August, 2015. In the category of digital painting there were over 700 submissions, and mine was among the top 100. To celebrate this great news everyone at portfoliolongo.com will have the day off tomorrow. In a few weeks, when the news is ready to be shared, I’ll post the announcement link and the image in question. The opening and reception will take place on August 7, 2015.


Three Bullet Points

I’ve had this drawing with me for several years. I think I sketched at an evaluation conference in the early 2000s. At any rate, they say that if you break complicated things down into three points, then folks will be more likely to understand them, maybe even become them.  I tweaked a thing or two in Procreate. It was rough to begin with,

  • Who know?
  • Who cares?
  • So what?